[Verse 1]
Our love was quite the whirlwind
Married by the time I was nineteen
Living in a prefab out in Cremorne
The force of a fire front was raging in you
We fucked like we fought, ripped the flesh from the sinew
No greater fever between any two [Chorus]
And you’d say, darling, sometimes I feel dangerous
Darkness stretching, no light nowhere, dangerous[Verse 2]
You quit the navy, got your union tatts
And with your land legs your great thirst came back
While your children grew up quiet in another room
You packed it in when I packed up the kids
Said you were terrified of all those things I told you that you did
Said you didn’t understand the rage that could devour you[Chorus]
And you said, darling, sometimes I feel dangerous
Darkness waiting, no light nowhere, dangerousWhen there’s fighting in the factions
There’s no decisions, just a set of reactionsWe drove the camel pelt country down the shimmering Hume
To where your aunts rode trams in wisteria hue
And you set about hosing the tiles in your sticky soul
You weeded out those rotten roots from down in the marrow
Taught the union boys the power in the straight and the narrow
To them you were a father, a healer, a tower, a forceYour own father you couldn’t talk to easily
To say, there’s something in you, and I’m terrified it might be in me
So you grew up pushing it awayBut I’m so proud of you, and my love is a monster
Ain’t luck that got you through, you earned everything that belongs to ya
Our kids will come ‘round, they gotta find out for themselvesThat darling the truth is sometimes it’s dangerous
Darkness stretches, no light nowhere, dangerous
But there are floodlights hiding, waiting for us to do the deciding
There is hope under the heavy, high tightrope we’re all walking over our brevity
There is bounty in the burden, a freedom in never being certain

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