Ever since she was a teenager
She was waiting for that day to come
When the sun would shine
And the clouds could hide in the morning breeze… Sixteen years, moved away from home
Left her band, took a bus to the northern land
Made some friends, played the guitar
And sang the songs about the stars behind the moon…Thought love was the solution, but there was darkness ahead
Run baby, run baby, run for cover
Some things will never change
So run like no other
Run baby, run baby, run for covеr
See the silver lining and just run for coverThе river runs fast through this small, dark town
When you marry at eighteen, then you settle down
Some dreams get lost
And the bright summer night makes it hard to fall asleepMore like an illusion of what the lights meant to beJust run baby, run baby, run for cover
Don’t go wasting your time
You know there will be others
Just run baby, run baby, run for cover
This love will never last so run, run for coverDid she wake up to tell you, there’s a storm on its way?
Did she hold you and whisper, you know that I’ll stay
Did it matter that you had a promise in mind
Did he tell you to break it, just stop being kindThere is always a chance that you’ll lose in the end
When the battle is over, just hope you can mend
When the sirens can’t warn you, it’s easy to fall
When the wind will start blowing, you can’t hear me call
Baby run…

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