Take a Look Around (Timbaland Remix) lyrics

Verse 1: Fred Durst
All the tension in the world today
All the little girls fillin' up the world today
When the good comes to bad, the bad comes to good
But I'mma live my life like I should (Like I should)
Now all the critics wanna hit it, ya shit can how we did it
Just because they don't get it
But I'll stay fitted, new era committed
Now this red cap gets a rap from these critics
Do we always gotta cry (Always gotta cry)
Do we always gotta (Always gotta) live inside a lie
Life's just a blast that's movin' really fast
You better stay on top or life will kick you in the ass
Follow me into a solo
Remember that kid, so what you wanna do
And where you gonna run
When you starin' down the cable of a mic
Pointed at your grill like a gun
Limp Bizkit is rockin' the set, it's like Russian Roulette
When you're placin' your bet
So don't be upset when you're broke and you're done
Cause I'mma be the one till I jet (I'ma be the one till I jet)

I know why you wanna hate me...
I know why you wanna hate me...
I know why you wanna hate me...
Cause hate is all the world has even seen lately
I know why you wanna hate me (Wanna hate me)
I know why you wanna hate me (Wanna hate me)
Now I know why you wanna hate me
Cause hate is all the world has even seen lately!
And now you wanna hate me!
Cause hate is all the world has even seen lately!

Verse 2: Fred Durst
Does anybody really know the secret
Or the combination for this life and where they keep it
It's kinda sad when you don't know the meanin'
But everything happens for a reason (Everything happens for a reason)
I don't even know what I should say
Cause I'm an idiot, a loser, microphone abuser
I analyze every second I exist
Beatin' up my mind every second with my fists
And everybody wanna run (Wanna run)
Everybody wanna hide from the gun (Hide from the gun)
You can take that ride through this life if you want
But you can't take the edge off the knife, no sir
And now you want your money back (Money back)
But you're denied cause your brains fried from the sack
And there ain't nothin' I can do
Cause life is a lesson, you learn it when you're through


Verse 3: E-40
I knew this wasn't gonna be big for me (Big for me)
So you won't have to be distract back act bad and spit dispiritment
Let me reinvent myself, let me introduce my name
E-40 man, the baller to the king of Spain
Doin' a gig, spit em' a jig
Reckless while I'm with Limp Bizkit
Flossin' and bossin' sometimes I get
Doin' my thing this-a-ma-jig
Jewelry cuts, I preach just what I practice
They wanna cut my head off like John the Baptist
The end change, money change the way people think about me
When I was broke they used to laugh and talk bad about me
Why ya wanna playa hate on me
In the streets most overrated, duplicated
Orientated, up-to-dated, game invested
Sucker free vested, just measued and interested
How to request it, game collector, well connected, y'all digest it
Timbaland did this beat and kicked his feet, for real

Verse 4: Eightball
Yeah, you a hater, hater, hater
That's OK hater, you gon' see me later
I get around like Pac from coast to coast
Where I'm gonna be next only God knows
Life flows, I'm a Southern poet, playa
That's OK hater, you gon' see me later
Close ya eyes and look past the bullshit
Ya rap's like a knife boy I got a full clip
Mind blown from all the doja I've blowed
Gotta have just to deal with you weak hoes
I'm on a crusade for everything hip-hop
Gangsta reality and I won't stop
Come to my world and deal with what I deal with
Cotton candy rappers win over real shit
That's the real shit
Take it how you want
Eightball's a real playa
Don't need a hater

Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around (Timbaland Remix)

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