The key was found
Down the deep ocean
Once it was retrieved
It open a very heavy door [Verse]
Key was found
The key was found
Once I found the key
It open a heavy door
With heaven and hell both sides where divided
From evil and good
I met god and told me to keep moving on
I grab the old dusty key and turn into a little golden key
Kept following my dreams because I knew I would make it till Chapter 2
After all I been through
I still carry my burdens but in the end
I knew I would still pull through all the pain and demons[Outro]
Key was found in the deep ocean
I fought my final boss
And now I move on to a new journey
Path of diamond
The key has open many heavy doors and you have seen the real me now
Key was found
Key was found
Destiny has arrived
Chapter 2 was here
And I knew I would make it

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