Yo, this is me guys, my album is something y’all ain’t ready for (Sheesh)
How is it going?
Hope y’all have an amazing day
Let's go
Hey, yuh [Verse]
They wanna mess with me
They wanna see me fall
Can’t catch me
Yeah, I got real drip
I stay real like always
Y’all wasn’t expecting me to turn this intro into a song
I know that for a fact
Just chillin
Being myself
Don’t give a fuck
What these haters gotta say
I know that you jealous[Bridge]
I know that you want me
Cause I'm so cool
I'm literally a Dutch dragon angel
Yep, said it, I’m cool furry
Get it? Cool
If y’all really want to fuck with us y’all gotta come prepare[Verse]
I knew you was fake from the jump
Why waste my time
Fuck out my sights bеfore I fold you quick
Eating this beat like somе steak
Lotta people switch up, such a surprise
Fuck you for always doubting me
You a fucking bitch
This is my time to shine
Rocking independent artist since 2018
Record labels watching me now, uh[Bridge]
Got plenty eyes on me now
Got enemies near me now
Shout out to some real ones
Aracely, Omar, Snuffles, and the fans[Verse]
Tú no puede seguime
Soy una fantasma tú no me puedes cachar
Mantén tu verdad amigos
Ellos quieren mi dinero
Ellos ven que tengo talento
Eres Copito pendejo
Juego bien mis cartas no envidio a la gente
Como estúpido
Soy muy rápido
A mi no me importa lo que me diciendo
Yo soy el jefe de mi compañíaHey, you didn’t think I was gonna switch to Spanish
I’m versatile motherfucker
They call me a special kid
I always knew since I rode the small bus
Got so much talent, it never fades away
Never be lackin', all they do is act
I play it real hard and fast
I be packing (Yo, sus!)
I do be wagging tho
Being my real self now
Just doing me
I ain’t ever fake
Everything I create is real

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