Uh The fate of this niggas is unknown
All they know is to talk behind my back
All i know is stating the facts
They be going sideways sideways
Im from a place where niggas dont like me
But their girlfriend do
Spending much on these words
Investing rands on my rhymes
Running through my mind giving out
To my thoughts
Welcome to my throne,throwing bones
Like a witch doctor
Made this rap my calling
And now they callin my phone
Spitting like i own this shit
And now im known like i wasn't unknown few days ago
I’ve shown this niggas i can be what i set out to be
Ain't changing no tone
I Just keep it real like tony
And when im in the zone im in control
Your mеlody your soul ill be doing the most
You niggas be going sidеways sideways
And i be going straight ahead like the railway
Catch me at my destiny
Course i ain't stopping [Chorus:T.Killar]
All this niggas going sideways(sideways)
All this bitches going my way(my way)
Non of this niggas can face me
And i can’t wait
I Can't wait[Verse2:Lil_Truth]
I hate this backstabbers
Who almost got me walking to my destiny backwards
Nigga im building a legacy
Ain't gon stop me
Course you niggas go sideways sideways
And all this bitches going my way
I just keep it real till the money befriend with me uh
I wrote songs,niggas quoting now
They want beef, im sorry ion do no catering
Its not hate it is love and jealousy at the same time
Instead of working you daydreaming,nigga
Im the plug and now they all looking up to me
I must say that im proud
Im the best but i ain't no Nicky
And ohh im picky with this bitches
I got no glitches
You'll be left with stitches if not dead
When im done with you
Nigga ion understand course you be loving and hating at the same time
But still going sideways uh[Chorus:T.Killar]
All this niggas going sideways(sideways)
All this bitches going my way(my way)
Non of this niggas can face me
And i can't wait
I Can't wait[Verse3:Yellow Baby]
She is a bad bitch
She left my heart and cursed it
That is the day i learned my lesson
I never wanted a bitch even though sh
Thy are too attractive she played me like a plastic
She told she gon stay by my side even though she lied ... but amma just let it slide just to live my own get you out of side and be the best of my life
Get rest of my stuff be the champ of my in my life
Leave the rest in the past couz thy are all ashes now

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