Scribing dont edit [Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
[?], like I left
I tote a big two two three, pinch that baby nose
I, give a fuck bout’ politics, I just play my role
I drunk three pints, before gym, still be lookin’ swole
I put red dot on his face, like ya mama mole
All I done did, I should move into a [?]
Bad boujee bitch off IG, suck a nigga soul
Drake by my side, like a Glock, [?] never fold
Broke nigga mad cause I’m rich and I fuck my hoes
Lil bitch still tourin’ round my house, we gon’ cut her toes
What happened to, that one night? She will never know
House so damn big, at the end, it’s a pot of gold
Heard how they move, when they go, is to wipe my nose
My nose too dry, if it’s lick, someone gotta go[Verse 2: DC2Trill]
Carry each diamond[Verse 3: Draft Day]

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