Gangsta Grizzils [Verse]
Well, tonight I found my price to the spender
And she cried about our life to the listener
And she asked me for advice, so I pimped her
Turn that chicken head to a chicken tender
In a Wraith, in a Wraith, out of state license plates
I got yay an AK and a temper
In a Wraith, in a Wraith
Don't know how I'm drivin' straight
I sipped a lake of that grape, thirst quencher, oh
Girl, fuck with him and get your money
You fuck with me, you missin' money, then you miss your molly
I get the money, spend the money, then I miss the money
But it come right back, right back, right back
That's that Frisbee money
That's Santa climbin' down the chimney, money with the duffy
It come back, run around the gang, yeah that's some dizzy money
The Humpty Dumpty, she get on that dick, she's very comfy
I put a Rolie on her wrist, she used to wear a scrunchy
Party times, Tunechi wise
Wifey's size, truly lies
Booty, thighs, bougie pride
Gucci slides, moody, tired
Woozy, high, movie night
Jacuzzi time, ooo-ee, ahh
Dinner, prime; sushi, wine
And for dessert I have the cutie-pie
Lied about the price to the spender
And I lied about my height on Tinder
And if I hit it one time I won't remember
But can't forget it if she bring another member
Double date, double date
In a Wraith, in a Wraith
Bitch, I'm eatin' full plate like November
In a Wraith, in a Wraith
In a different mind state
Let her sniff some snowflakes and call her Winter (yah)
Fuck with him and get the money
Then come fuck with me and split the money
I'll fuck her when she with her buddy
She guzzle dick and kiss her buddy
She said I love you when he send some money
I said I love you give your pimp some money
And she don't ask how much she just come dump it
And I don't ask how high I just start jumpin'
You ain't know I kiss below the button, what
Girl close your eyes and let me show you somethin', what
And if you ride me like the road is bumpin', what
I leave my key in and the motor runnin', what
Oh my god I hope they kissin' cousins
If they not it's gon' be consequences, repercussions
Woah, I just count a hundred thousand hundreds
And I told my babe ride the wave, Cowabunga
Lied about her night to her nigga
Her vagina 'bout to cry me a river
If she ask me for advice and I igged her
But she know it wasn't me, it was the sizzurp
Gotta wait, gotta wait
'Til I wake, 'til I wake
I wake up and tell bae how much I missed her
She looks straight in my face then start pointin' to the space
Where she want it on her face, she's particular
Y-O-U-N-G with money, yeah
We Y-O-U-N-G with money
Y-O-U-N-G with money
Y-O-U-N-G with money
Ayo, Stunna nigga need his money
You heard somethin' Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da, ooh
Y-O-U-N-G with money
I hear us comin', six shit

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