[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Yeah... Sick shit
I been walkin' on this water, bone dry, hard times
R.I.P. baby, my phone died, but don't cry

Heaven's gates was closed, I went to Hell, there was a long line
Two hoes in the bed, it's hard to wake up on the wrong side
[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Few bumps in the road, a little bump and grind I don't mind
Please know, for your fuckin' piggy bank you could get hog tied

Two Ninas on me, you fuck with me, them girls goin' wild
Guilty conscience pimpin', make my ho sit through the whole trial
I been walkin' on this fuckin' water for a long time
Molly water got me transformin' like I'm Voltron
Smokin' so much weed, I might just fuck around and hug a tree
A tree without a bird 'cause I deserve every fuckin' leaf[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
1, 2, 3; triple-OG
At the T-O-P smokin' P-O-T
From a D-O-G to the G-O-D
Got OCD and not your CD
Hit her with the D-O-P-E D
That's Dope Dick Tunechi, DDT

You could D-I-E for a F-E-E
I'll D-I-E for my S-E-T
I told my son that "Whatever the sun touch is yours, little nigga"
I told my daughter, "Don't give up your love to a poor little nigga"
I told my bitch if she cheat then she making a poor decision
I told that bitch if she leave then she leavin' the solar system
But hoes don't listen
But I'm on the road to riches, and she can't ignore the engine
I bought myself a medallion that cost an Azure, my nigga
I don't know, guess I was bored, my nigga
Tell foreign hoes "I'm El Señor", my nigga
To the Moon like Warren, nigga
He ain't the plug unless he foreign, nigga
It ain't a car unless it's foreign, nigga
And a R plus another R, my nigga
But I used to want a Ford Explorer, nigga

Had to move the trap house to Florida, nigga
Had to move The Carter by the water, nigga

But I'm still too scared to get in the water, nigga
'Bout to throw another pool party, nigga
I told a op that wherever this gun point is holes, lil nigga
Stayin' on my feet, no tappin' on my toes, like Moses, nigga
I told the cops that my car is too fast to pull over, nigga
Cool as fuck, keepin' my cool before my composure, nigga
That's poker, nigga

Playin' the cards I was dealt, and that shit almost broke a nigga
But I could be broker, nigga
But I’m watching Oprah, nigga
In my white house layin' on my sofa, keepin' it soulful, nigga
I'm a young mogul, nigga
I'm a young Hova, nigga
My office is oval, nigga[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
I step out that bitch like, "What's happenin'?"
Me and that little bitch I was nappin' in
Time to run with no rubber, I'm gamblin'
Just call me the rapper, I'm Chancin' it
Got a sassy bitch, told her "I'm daddy, bitch"
Do it look like I'm playin'? Kaepernick
Niggas don't know a star from an asterisk
This that new coffin, new casket shit
My killers killin' on purpose by accident
And you passed that shit like a laxative
Ain't where or why you trap, it's who you trappin' with
For me it's about who I travel with
Never about the bitch that I be snappin' on
It's the one that the picture just snapped me with
That's 'cause I'm the shit, and all of my shit be maggot less
E[Verse 4: Baby E]
Yeah, uh-huh, said, yeah
This that Baby E and Wayne shit

We just landed in a spaceship
So now ain't nobody safe, bitch
It's Dedication number 6, bitch
Got a hundred in the safe, bitch
I been fuckin' on a gay bitch
Fuck your set and what you claim, bitch
It's Young Mula to the grave, bitch
I'm still finessin', and I'm still progressin'
This is tick, tick-tick, I'ma blow up any second, yeah
We the bestest, ain't no fuckin' question
It's six, six-six, 'til it's Dedication 7
Fully loaded, money is the motive
All my bros is Gs, take a guess at what the code is
Pour a four in, fuck it pour some more in
Rest In Peace Lil Peep, we already miss you homie[Outro: Baby E]
I don't really care if you cry
On the real, you should've never lied
Should've saw the way she looked me in my eyes
She said "I am not afraid to die"
Push me to the edge
All my friends are dead
Push me to the edge
All my friends are dead
Push me to the edge
All my friends are dead
Push me to the edge

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