[Intro: DJ Drama]
A YMGM Collaboration
Young Money, Generation M
Get with it! [Verse: Lil Wayne]
Squad poppin' like the Pentagon
Squad poppin' like the renaissance
Squad poppin' like the Thriller song
And you pussy ass niggas thrill is gone
My squad lit like a strobe light
Squad lit on a slow night
Squad ain't got no type
Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White
My squad poppin', my bitch shoppin'
My niggas thuggin', my bitch robbin'
I'm inside cuddlin' with the chopper
Workin' on the stove, like a novel
Diggin' in my pockets, tryna find the bottom
Codeine got the drink all soggy
And your queen got my dick hard body
There's a stick up in my drawers, armed robbery
My squad poppin' like the white house
Squad never need time out
Squad way up on the ninth cloud
Way up here we got iCloud
My squad lit like a strobe light
Every night, any night, all night
6 hoes and they all dykes
And all they need is one mic
My new attic full of dead bodies
Old attic full of dead bodies
Bedroom full of red bodies
I got your main bitch headlinin'
She cry to me, said "You're no fair"
Cried to me, said "You're low fare"
Dry pussy with no hair
So we showered together and the soap fell
Then I ask her how the dope feel
I don't care how the ho feel
I kick her ass out the dope house
And she can ask her ass how the door feel
Squad pop like the Pentagon
Thot talk like Jenny Jones
Smokin' loud like an intercom
I'ma keep it summer all winter long
Squad lit like the sunlight
You gon' have to squint or use one eye
No Mike Tyson, this a gun fight
Had to hide my guns 'cause they gun-shy
Squad pop like the Pentagon
Had to put a few killers on
If you don't want no static
You gon' have to put some antennas on
Wait, drop-top with the titties on
Bitch bounce like a tennis ball
Pussies hatin' like menopause
Its a jungle out there, Senegal
Wait, drop-top with the tinteds on
It get ugly when I'm pretty stoned
Fat pockets with the skinnies on
I'm dead right, but I'm livin' wrong
No red lights, my limits gone
My meds right, I'm Trippy Jones
My wave right like Billabong
My diamonds dance like Diddy Combs
Her headlights, I turn 'em on
She wanna go to Mars, that journey long
I'm gon' fuck her hard 'til her sternum gone
My diamonds sing, she learn the songs
I woke up, like this ho
I'm burnin' pot like Crisco
She a Crip ho but she a nympho
And we color blind, and you know love is blind
In each other's eyes, we butterflies
Rock and roll like Hummer tires
I don't even got to be her number 1
I'm her number 6 and she my number 9
Get it?
All these drugs scientific
All these boys science fiction
Softer than a flying ribbon
Walkin' all 9 innings
Talkin' shit while I'm shittin'
Defecation expensive
Destination exquisite
Dedication 6th senses
I'm the shit up in the restroom
Guess who up in my guest room
Smack her ass, leave a flesh wound
Weezy F. Baby, test tube
The Martian get high as Neptunes
I fuck your bitch, how is that news?
And you ain't shit to a raccoon
I go ape-shit on these baboons
The diamonds still doin' dance moves
The money still makin' fast moves
6 feet or 3 pair of shoes
You still underground where the grass grew
Headshot, that's a hairdo
Blood drop like shampoo
Young Vidal Sassoon
Oh well, no Shamu
She clap her ass and the lamp blew
We catch your ass gettin' fast food
It happen fast, then we vamoose
Rat-a-tat-ta-ta-tat, poof
I go Apple Jack to the Froot Loop
I got milk, sauce, and the Ragu
From the body on the side walk
I chucked to the chalk in this kids classroom
Six shit
[Outro: Lil Wayne]
Craziest shit Drake ever bought me as a gift was um probably some, some jewelry or something like Drake buy real extravagant gifts like so, I don't, you know, forgive me for saying I don't remember but it's like the gift be so extravagant meaning like I probably use it every day so when you use something everyday you totally forget who got that shit for you,I 'm sorry you just do. and so he get you those type of gifts when I say extravagant I mean like uh the house I probably live in was probably bought by Drake you know what I mean shit like that

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