(Mack 10 declines to freestyle, “homie we don’t get in the slam dunk contest no mo, you know how that go dog!”) (Birdman intros Wayne)(Lil Wayne)
Homie i go hard
Push a whip with no hair on his head
So all I’m feeling is air on my head
With some broad that you might know
She blowin all the air out my head
If you clear I’ll knock a square out your head
Sip the crissy clear out my head
Try to get my loot up
In Cuba with a translator, get the coke newer
Plus the prices is cooler
I come back to the hood with that dirty
Tell em im like Tiger Woods, all i got is birdies
Got women’s in they 30’s calling Weezy papa
But Weezy not daddy ma
Cus Weezy in and out chea
Weezy never spouse ya
Weezy give shhh bout’ cha
Weezy don’t master suite, Weezy living room couch ya
How bout you be a good girl, take these pies I just cooked up
Take me to those tiger paws on your thighs
Get’s high til I can’t focus, but the main focus is to remain focus, they ain't’ focused…holla back
(Birdman talking…)(Lil Wayne)
I come up from a shh deep town
Where you hear sounds like click, squeak, pow!
Get down or your dying
People tote iron got that coke flying like birds-not the ones with feathers, I’m talking weight like birds and you might get served if it’s proper enough or find your nerves on a curve if you’re a copper or something or a baller blocker or something, I’ll send your noggin a hundred, have the whole block sprint, dashing, jogging and running
Type of life I live, Gotti would love it
Squad property buddy, some young cats with a Mafia budget
Can’t nobody put nobody above it
If they do they find they body with they body above it, come on let’s take it public
Nah leave it in the gutter
Aye lets go and dump him
Nah leave him in the gutter(Birdman talks again…)(Cadillac)
Check me…
Now I got this game on lock with pounds and chickens
Give me 600 an ounce and 10 for the pigeons
I flood my community, i love this shhh
I think the FEDs done been in my house and bugged the shhh
Now I’m running everything from the hall in the blizzock
And im riding in the vol with my dog with no tizzop
Got a 40 in the arm rest and in the lap is the glizzock
I done copped a little platinum and i blessed it with rizzocks
The way a nigga live is unbelievable and im riding round' in something you'd never seen before better watch your baby mama before i ceased it yo!

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