Let ’Em All In lyrics

Intro: DJ Drama
I realize you niggas is like the objects in the rearview mirror—
You really appear much closer than you are
Got a long way to go, young boy

Verse 1: Euro & DJ Drama
(Catch up, niggas!)
Let 'em all in, bet 'em all in
Put me in the jungle, I get us all minks
Don't play with my wave
Know what? Let 'em all sink
I don't need therapy, I got so big
Even when they talk crazy I still don't shrink
I'ma black out, Michael Blackson's skin tone
Homie gotta sit for a while back home
Hotline bling if you get his phone
Gotta own up or you get disowned
Eyes dried up, I don't really cry much
And the gold chain match everything I touch
Whip gotta match every bitch I fuck, foreign
Y'all niggas talkin' 'bout what? Borin'
Bane from it, I came from it
I'm raised by it, I'm stained from it
Shot for the stars from the darkness
I aim from it, now change comin'
Who'd have thought a nigga shake somethin'?
All these records, I'ma break somethin'
Playin' my shit around the graveyard
Y'all fuck around and wake somethin'
Mean mug like I hate somethin'
Hit the stu' and I ate somethin'
Great rapper or a great hustler—
Promise you I die a great somethin'

Verse 2: Cory Gunz
And I am beginnin' and endin'
A nigga run in kickin' and flippin'
A nigga worth spendin'
A nigga with the semi admittin'
Glock is definitive on 'em, iron Emmys
Got an eye on 'em
Still on these niggas more than any one of you
We knuck if we buck, if you my brother we up
If not, I don't give a motherly fuck
Only in us we trust, you fuss we hush
They rush we bust, adjust, and dust and flushed 'em
If you don't know what my salary is
You 'bout to know what a fatality is
What the reality is
If I don't know what my calories is
Then nine times out of ten
You won't never know where your cavity is
Hit a forty, know it had to be his
A dude foul with a smile
They would never know how mad that he is
They don't ever know what pattern he is
He gotta be from Earth 2, or somewhere from out on Saturn he is
Now I'm goin' where no gravity is, some other galaxy shit
But we'd rather talk about the MAC and the bricks
We takin' on all names, it ain't no more games
I'm a stand up nigga, Cory Kaepernick bitch
I don't know what to call you
Niggas claimin' they loyal to the soil
But boy I'm loyal to the oil that boil
To court with the all you
You cannot avoid it when I'm gonna destroy you
Work from the ceiling to make sure that I fall you
I'm dedicated to this rhyme shit
S double, the militia gang, they don't ever try them bitch
I got a nine and click, a high been brick
A bottom bitch, I buy them thick
Drivin' stick, life's a bitch, and I give dick
I ride the five, my partner crip
Shout out the East, we parkin' shit
I just revive, I don't remix
I don't remind, until C5 we got D6, nigga

Verse 3: Lil Wayne
The best things in life are free, not cheap, free C5
Message, no reply
Rest In Peace, no peace sign
I keep an eye on these guys
My third eye give her sweet eyes
The bird eye's view keep spy
But I can get your wings deep fried
Try, try again, keep tryin'
All the traffic hours, you a taxi driver, we some maximizers
Ever heard of San Francisco 49'ers, we some masterminders
Made it to the top just to get sniped from the floor at the very bottom
Ain't that a bitch, man tell me about it
But I ain't trippin', unless the trip is private
I sip in silence
I tried to make it beautiful, and this shit came out perfect
Let the guns speak for they self, I ain't never been a loud person
Walkin' 'round the house in the turban
These niggas washed up with no detergent
Take your heart and I am not a surgeon
Pullin' triggers like shower curtains
Ain't got no soul because my baby sucked it out of me
Me and my whoas in Las Vegas playing the thot machines
Stick to my goals, expectations like a soccer team
Waiting to exhale only to let out some steam
Girl let's make a movie, what's a movie without a shower scene?
Treat my semi like an Emmy, need some nominees
Taught me how to count before they taught me how to read
I knew all my OG's before my ABC's

Outro: Lil Wayne
That's some sick shit

Produced by Reazy Renegade

Lil Wayne – Let \'Em All In

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