[Intro: DJ Drama]
Ride with mula, yeah thats the mob
Come check with Dram, and do ya job [Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I'm not worthy of your controversy
I'm not thirsty, baby, I'm allergic
Colder than a hockey jersey, dirty like Kentucky Derby
I was lying on a gurney, I don't wanna die early
I was screaming "Fuck the world," you was singin' "Like a Virgin"
Never be concerned or worried, 2 girls, like Laverne and Shirley
Wake up in the morning early, tell 'em that I love 'em dearly
They say "Oh my God, have mercy," shinin' like I got on Jergens
You can hear my diamonds screaming like they just met God in person
Oh my God the squad alerted, I confirm it
They hop up like Kermit, come to bless you like a sermon
My house lit like Pee-Wee Herman's and you know I bought it furnished
I'm determined like attorneys, y'all lil boys ain't got attorneys
I just hope she not a burden, I just hope she got a purpose
That first week was power surgin', oh my God, the socket workin
I been listening to the money, it been telling me it's coming
Sound like music to my ears, like a symphony of hundreds
Mama told me I'd be special, Grandma told me I'd be something
I made sure they wasn't guessin', made the most out they assumptions
Being everything but simple, stretch a dollar like a limo
Got a grill in one dimple, got my deal without a demo, Tunechi
[Hook: DJ Drama]
Ride with Mula, yeah that's the mob
Come check with Dram, and do ya job
Thanksgiving is the name, IceBox did the chain
Rolex for the watch, motherfucker, Plain Jane[Verse 2: Jay Jones]
I got issues, I got problems, we got missiles in the chopper
Got a hoe from the Bahamas, let me swordfight with her tonsils
Brought the hoe up in the condo, had a party with Fernando
I got condoms in the dresser, Percocets all on the mantle
All they handle, name a bitch that I ain't fuck and I'ma bag her
Keep it real, if I ain't fuck then my bros Tune and Mack done had her
Got a bitch cook like a chef, I had a hoe from out the Memph
She like to suck dick wit no hands, she say she do shit with no help
Control myself, I been working overtime, I owe myself
I like my bitches thick and quick to go and lick below the belt
I brought a Ghost to Hollygrove, flew your ho out to my shows
What happen on these tour buses? Like Vegas, nobody knows
Got a plug on line one, had to put momma on hold
Talking numbers tryna see how I’m gonna get Mama that Ghost
Talking big money for sure, I don’t trick money to hoes
I’mma keep running 'til I’m getting three hundred a show
Yeah bitch, ride with the Mob, slob on my knob
Get some bitches back to work and do the dishes, that’s yo' job
I’ve been sipping, if they say I ain’t that nigga then they lying
I put coca on the table, made her read between the lines
I sit back waiting my time, now I’m flexin’, now I’m winnin’
I’m at Saks or I’m at Lenox, credit card ain’t got no limit
Got a Mac with a extension, want see murder? Be a witness
Y’all lil boys just mind yo business 'fore y’all swimmin with the fishes
Wait, yeah, I got the wave, I got the juice, I got the sauce, yeah ho
Smoking the green, really it’s verbal, so I’ll be calling it hard
Woah, South Beach with a bad bitch, I was just in the trenches
I was just in a Honda, now I’m skrrting in a Bentley, Jones
[Outro: Lil Wayne]
Why don’t I use social media? Hold on. That’s why! I’m way too high for that shit, man. I will be pressin' all kinds of wrong shit. I can’t follow ten- two fuckin' directions [?]. Everytime I try to fuckin' order something, uh, you know what I mean, if it got two extra fuckin' screens that you gotta go through, I’m straight. You know what I mean, it’s just too much. Probably gotta be the same button to pressed to accept the shit, or deny the shit. I wouldn’t know
That’s why I don’t fuck with social media. There ain’t no other reason you know what I mean? People probably think I got like a real strong reason. Like, you know what I mean, no, ‘cause, nah man, I just don’t know how, and I be way too twisted. Like, way too twisted to be fucking with that
I don’t really text, none of that, like it’s just tough
It’s just, like, I’m not tech-savvy at all, I’m just sorry
But if you come sit down with me and smoke one with me, I mean you’re gonna have an awesome time. It’s just what it is. I’m very social

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