[Intro: DJ Drama & Lil Wayne]
Gangster, gangster
DatPiff dot com, world premiere
I'm reloaded (gangster grizzils)
Trill outchea
So after D6, I text Weezy
I say, now it's time for a vacation
Guess the iPhone autocorrected
And he thought I said "now it's time for a Dedication."
So now y'all got a twenty pack
You're welcome
D6: Reloaded
A Dedication![Verse]
Looking in the mirror, all I see is money but if I was blind, all I hear is runnin'
Plug went to jail Saturday, 'posed to meet him Sunday
He said his bitch flushed the work, time to do some plumbin'
Gotta love the way we comin' though, we keep it comin'
Wolves never cry wolf and you could feed us onions
Pledge allegiance to the region that's beneath and under
The southside from your blind side, Stevie Wonder
Hunger Games, ain't no games when we speakin' hunger
We greedy fuckers, eat your supper, pick our teeth, and mug you
The pockets bustin' out the muscle, bitch, I'm bleedin' blubber
And I been drunk and I can't trust you 'cause I'm seein' double
And I been ballin' like the Rucker, nigga, triple-double
And now it's war, and they want peace, but it won't fix the puzzle
You drop the ball, if you a beast you won't be quick to fumble
If I'm too deep then get a bigger shovel, dig a tunnel
If you a beast then that bitch can't get a nickel from you
I'm the only one that speak when we in the huddle
Make a pussy nigga leak, then jump in the puddle
We comin' deep to your street, 'bout to rent a shuttle
Every day of the week, if I hit the streets, I gotta hit a hustle
Every day of the week I gotta get loaded-loaded, skip the bufferin'
I got it made, and with that said, I gotta tip the butler
I like my bitches mustard, business hushed, and Bentleys custom
Bitches sufferin' 'cause the system fucked 'em, now they fuckin'
They can't hide their battle scars but they can hide their stomachs
Niggas like Niagara Falls how their mouths are runnin'
But we making caviar out of flounders, guppies
Stand tall, but I'm a munchkin to my pile of money
Got down and dug it, found a nugget, made a mountain of it
Don't need a crown, gown, or nothing; I'm the king of subject
Chocolate, brown, cream, and fudgie, and I'm peanut buttery
Fuck the fuckery, I go skullduggery, it get ugly
Niggas thuggin', we got babies smugglin' in their Huggies
Niggas jugglin' different kind of drugs, Feds strugglin'
Sippin' Actavis, activist like Fred Douglass
Goodnight, sleep tight, watch the bed buggies
She give me ass, she give me head, I call it head-buttin'
Walk in a room full of buttons, press the red button
Blow this bitch to shreds, get my skateboard and shred somethin'
Lead pumpin', you dead, pumpkin
Go 'head, dump 'em, redrum 'em
Goin' hard in the paint, Andre Drummond
Headhuntin', Good Will Huntin', still stuntin'
All or nothin', Warren G to Warren Buffett
Stormin', floodin', lightnin', thunderin'
Carter comin', like karma comin'
My bitch pussy's the warmest oven
Need morning lovin'
She foreign, Donald might bomb her country
Thick as fuck, no panties when she got on her onesie
Time to get this paper though
You ape or ho?
Bitches in line to get this snake fo' sho'
We take the dough if they don't pay the dough
And that's fo' sho'
We make 'em vegetables, and we don't even like vegetables
These niggas extra broke, we break a nigga down to decimals
We up in México to see the plug, and not electrical
High cholesterol, you niggas salty, I'm the pepper though
Your bitch ain't half a ho, she wanna be in my next episode
I'm a steppin' stone
And that .380, that's my chaperone
It blow like saxophone
And when the smoke clear I'ma stand alone
I'm from the terrordome
Yeah, that's New Orleans, home of methadone
Cops on megaphones
It's so much bad luck, ain't no leprechauns
I been called a stone, pocket full of stones
On the corner moving stones, Papa was a rolling stone
I'm so stoned, in this bitch, waitin' on Babylon
Bible on the dresser, next to the gun and Tylenol, silence off
Spike a bitch drink, like volleyball
Olive Oyl skinny bitches can't get in the ride at all
Not at all
I'm involved in a real private war, time to brawl
Niggas don't want Lil Tune to take these diamonds off
I'ma talk crazy to a deaf nigga, these niggas blind
I'ma still throw up my set, nigga, steel toe in your chest, nigga
"Hell no" to a yes-nigga, "Fuckin' right" to a bad bitch
She can fuck around and get her ass licked
Still can't get her ass kissed
Black fist, middle finger to taxes, the police and their actions
I'm still pickin' out mansions
Still dickin' down such-and-such, still fuckin' with so-and-so
Still fuckin' my bitch's friends, never fuck my woadie ho
Still talkin' about Hollygrove, still talkin' about coke and dope
On the set in that OVO, on the jet in that OVO
I don't threaten, I go for broke, wanna step and go toe to toe?
No bullshit at this rodeo, and all my clips Pinocchio
Tunechi, bitch, for nothing, drops mic
[Outro: Lil Wayne]
Well, I can't technically 'cause it's connected
But, but, you get the expression, Mula
Welcome, thank you for joining
Dedication 6, this some sick shit
Umm, first of all, I wanna thank Drama for doing this shit again, and always doing this shit for his dawg. My nigga, one time. Thank everybody involved, everybody involved. My team, my team is my fam. Everybody who put they fingerprints on this shit, 'preciate everybody
So the definition of
has changed for me since the first one, since the second one, since the third one, whatever. It's because, umm, whenever I put it out, umm, it's life. And since I don't write none of my shit, I'm coming from the head. And what happens is, when you rap so long or when you do it so long, all the things in your head, you done used up. So what happens is you gotta start using something else and coming from somewhere else, and that somewhere else is ten times out of ten your heart. And, umm, that's what this
project is
But, uh, yeah, the definition is always different because I'm always going through something at that time of my life, you know what I mean. I prolly was fucking your bitch on
, and the whole fucking shit was dedicated to her, you know what I mean. I dunno. Whichever one that wasn't, that didn't do as well as all of the rest of them, that was definitely the one that was dedicated to her

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