[Intro: HoodyBaby and Lil Wayne]
And when I bust I yell "Eureka", yeah
And when I bust I yell "Eureka", yeah
6 shit [Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Dropped out of school, I fucked the teacher
Spent a mil' on misdemeanor
Miss my brodies, miss Aaliyah
Spendin' money like amnesia
Spent some money on sativa
Got that strip club diabetes
Make it rain cats and dogs
All night long, I need PETA
White girl, black diva
I'm in here fuckin' on a zebra
I beat it up like John Cena
Talkin' crazy, bilingual
Put some diamonds in my teefus
Got me lookin' like a genius
Leave you bloody like a fetus
Cut your tongue off, leave you speechless
Put some money on subpoenas
Could've gave that to Miss Cita
Nigga stunner, he a skeezer
From the heart and out the speakers
I was young, I heard the preacher
I grew up and met the reaper
That codeine my anesthesia
Tried to kick but this ain't FIFA
She snort one line, want a sequel
She snort two and want a threesome
She snort three lines, yell "Adidas"
When I bust I yell "Eureka"
When I bust I yell "Eureka"
When she bust she yell for Jesus
Drop her off at the cathedral
She come back with a bunch of singles
Phones are tapped, we switch the lingo
Hustle where the grass is greener
Clean the blood off the walls
Then break out the Stanley Steamer
It's a drought on cocaina
I know routes through Pasedena
I got two keys of that Bieber
Call 'em Justin and Justina
Sippin' on that Angelina
I'm low profile in a Bimmer
Where it's sour, could be sweeter
I got sugar, I got creamer
More extremer, more obscener
Doin' numbers, yellin' "Bingo"
Coca leaf so come and get some
White power from a negro
Spent some money on my legal
And that money was illegal
That's my bloody, that's my migo
Reppin' cinco like he Tito
I'm gettin' high under gazebo
With a bride and no tuxedo
I'm a bitch magnet, Magneto
Hit that pussy like the R.I.C.O
Young money with no wrinkles
Hot tubbin' with the chicas
Run around naked like they streakers
Run around this bitch like Ezekiel
Good Quality coke, that's GQ
Boy this base don't need no EQ
She snort one line, want a sequel
When I bust I yell "Eureka", hey
[Verse 2: HoodyBaby]
Took her out the game, sent her to the bleachers
Kick her out in style, Balenciaga sneakers
Broke up with my bitch, I feel like shit, my dog
She kept talkin' fifty-fifty, had to split, my dog
She kept on fallin' in and out of love, I tripped her dog
Told me eat or get ate, so I sipped her dog
I'ma go platinum, she single
She blow up my phone, but the bitch got no ringer
Bought her a ring but I left with a finger
Stack up my cake and I bust down some zingers
Hello, ho, you gots to go, ho
I'm on the road, ho, high profile, movin' work on the low
Smokin' OG, girl you gotta go
Know you ain't on, girl you gotta know
Got that backward, girl, you kinda slow
The snakeskin I know you see on, this a no[Outro: Lil Wayne]
And when I bust I yell "Eureka", yeah
And when I bust I yell "Eureka", yeah
And when we fuck it's for no reason, yeah
Record that shit and watch the reruns, yeah
And when I bust I yell "Eureka", yeah
That's some sick shit, yeah
That's some sick shit, yeah
That's some six shit

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