[Intro: Marley G]
Marley! Yeah!
Marley G, blood
Don't shoot 'em [Verse 1: Marley G & Lil Wayne]
Black out my red bandana (Yeah)
Dressed in all red like Santa (Yeah)
Me and Tune riding in the Phantom (Skrrt)
Spiked out my Pineapple Fanta (Sippin')
My flows sick like cancer (Sick shit)
Doing the drugs at a random (Tripple)
Bitch I ball like Amber (Ballin')
Keeping one in the chamber
Fucking your bitch in the Hamptons
Checking my diamonds, nothing fugazi
All of you niggas is shady
Crack flow, 80s baby (Yeah)
Hella wavy on them hoes
Pop a perc on them hoes
Giver her something for her nose
All them bitches down to roll
Swerving all in your lane
Don't crash, feel the pain
Dope music in my veins
Skating on em with Lil Wayne[Interlude: Rich The Kid & Lil Wayne]
Boom, boom
Rich (Rich)[Verse 2: Rich The Kid & Lil Wayne]
Way too much ice now I'm skating on em
Flexing I pull out the Wraith homie (What?)
He saving these hoes put a cape on him (damn)
New freezer the water my neck homie (yahhhhh)
Pronto took her to the condo (condo)
I'm balling on niggas like Lonzo
Too foreign you dont get no convo (hello?)
Too rich I dont need no broke hoe (no!)
Sprite in the Pineapple Fanta (Fanta)
Kill every song like cancer (cancer)
Put it in the lock do damage (damage)
Once I fuck a bitch she vanish (vanish)
I bust on her boobies (boobies)
Pull out the camera we making a movie
Look up to Lil Tunechi (yuh?)
I came out the trap now I smoke out a cutie
She graduated but the head stupid (oh!)
Might tell my shooter go and do it (blrrp!)
Off the lot had a top gone lose it (skrrt!)
And they all taking pictures they groupies
Fuck the Patek (yeah)
She a real model but I just want the neck (ahh)
Give me a sec, big jet on the way to a check[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Okay, okay, okay (okay)
Me and your bae soulmates
But if that hoe disobey, it's back to Chipotle
Beat that pussy up, no foreplay
Oscar De La Hoya

She ride this dick like horse play
I send her back bowlegged
She go right, left (ah), she go both ways (yeah)
When he asked she say "no way"
I can make her play her role and roleplay (yeah)
I can make a redbone feel rosé
AK leave his head gone with no face (bah!)
Wutang, my killers Ghostface
All my AKs 24K (blrrp!)
And Gold Diggers dig your grave
Okay, Tunechi Keyser Söze (yeah)
Smoking that gas need Rolaids (yeah)
Sippin lean fast that's slow pace
If the bitch bad I showcase, okay
100 thou cash on the pillowcase (yah)
One in each hand that's lifting weights
This dick make a bad bitch ricochet (yuh)
Your bitch is in here swallowing like Minute Maid
God damn, okay okay okay (okay)
D.E.A., D.O.A (okay)
I aim right at your shades (okay)
Then let off that roach spray (brrr)
Y'all boys soft as crochet, I take off with no brakes
I try not to leave no trace
But I dripped sauce the whole way
Damn, I'm a boss I pay me, I got lost like KD
I go off like Dray Green
Pop a perc go KG
Man I'm unwired like Dre Beats (yeah)
Repping them big big big B's (yeah)
All y'all drenched restin in peace (yeah)
Dedication 6 sick six feet, Six shit
Medication quick quick quick please
I'm impatient Imma need a MD (yeah)
The doctor said all I need is M-E (yeah)
Your thot in here tryna get me tipsy (yeah)
Your thot in here tryna give me hickeys (damn)
And now she's tryna tell me how to live free (damn)
Never let a stripper give you tips please
That's some six shit[Outro: Lil Wayne]
The craziest shit Nicki has ever bought for me as gift was a pair of shoes. The shoes look like uh my teeth. That's definitely..and uhm I've actually never worn 'em. They like a pair of shoes where you know you always set them bitches out the night befo' you're like yeah I'm definitely wearin them tonight...and then soon as its time to get ready, you like now this is not the event for these type a shoes. And uhm.. yall already know the type of events I go to. So, if I feel like the event ain't enough for the shoes then you know it's a crazy ass pair of shoes. Shout out my girl Nicki, she coulda just bought me a picture of her. You know...I won't say what kind of picture. You know what I mean--if it's for my birthday or Christmas.. know what I mean

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