Shut the fuck up
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What the fuck [Verse]
Lurkin' in the night all black just like a crow
Black money shit, I don't give a shit 'bout shit just to let you know
(Not at all)
I had a dream that I slit my wrist and I slit my throat (Real shit)
I died and became a tiny flake of snow (So cold)
The Sun came out and it burned away my soul (So hot)
I woke up scared as my heart was beatin' slow (So slow)
Word from the wise hey bruh don't trust these hoes
She a thot she'll claim she in love but she fuckin' on the low
I hate this world so I'm gonna hallucinate
I know I'm trippin' when the walls fuckin' move and the colors change (Oh shit)
I tryna stay lowkey but everybody know my name (Fuck)
I stay smoking weed sippin' lean just to numb my pain (Yeah)
I don't give a fuck what you say, I ain't gon' change
Goth money niggas, Star Trek, I ain't no lame
I know a bitch with no soul all she do is snort cocaine
I looked dead in her eyes she said "Devil will you call my name?" (Ayy, bruh)
He said, "Yung Bruh, I could get you money and fame"
He said, "Yung Bruh, follow me it's gon' be okay"
Oh shit
What the fuck hell nah nigga
Fuck outta here with that bullshit nigga, underground for life

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