[Intro: 16yrold, and Take a Daytrip]
16yrold [Verse 1: Lil Soda Boi]
Girl your eyes were lookin' starry
We were posted in the party
And I told you that I'm sorry
I just wanted you to call me
And I can see it in your eyes
Diamonds passing me by
I just need one more night
I was tryna' be nice
I'm so; low down
In the; background
I can't; slow down
I need; you right now[Verse 2: Capoxxo]
I was withdrawing from percies
Then you texted me: "I'm holy!"
You said we should hit the party
I said I don't know, it's not for me
So I popped a couple Xannies
Like design, I'm feeling dandy
In the line, I've got the candy
I'm the weirdest in the party
In this party no one knows me
I'm the coolest in the party
Took like two shots of Bacardi
Need a [?] just like a rari
I'm the saddest in the party
All the girls they just ignore me
They think that they're more important
I got comrades out in Poland
[Outro: 16yrold, and Take a Daytrip]

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