Catch Me If You Can (Worldwide Remix)

Lil Saint



Bitch [Verse 1]
Yo' bitch on my dick
Preschool in her mouth when she eat my kids
I just hit a stick
Young nigga lookin' for a nut real quick
I wan' fuck yo' bitch
Tell her if she wanna, she can suck it in the whip
Slippery slope, John Wick
Tell her hit ya line when she down here suckin' dick
Um, pussy's irrelevant, make me wantin' the benefit
Wanna feel up on my dick, just like the front of a elephant
And I don't wanna say that I'm addicted to Ritalin
And all these drugs that I'm pedalin' now I'm needin' some evidence[Interlude]
[?][Verse 2]
No seatbelt, four niggas deep, you a sheep
I'ma hit it raw in the back of the Jeep
Fight a pussy nigga while I'm stayin' on beat
Saved by the bell, finger-like screech[Outro]
Fingerlike screech, ahaha, I like that

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