Crucible Of The Heart lyrics

I just wrote an essay on The Crucible for the last time ever in my life
So we're gonna recap the story before we go into the nitty gritty of what I wrote my Essay about
(I'm just mixing this right now and spoiler alert we don't go through it)
Keep in mind, I barely finished the exam Ok so it's like Salem in the 1600's
And some girls summon a demon
But they deny it
And some other girl gets possessed
And that's not cool
'Cos then church is disrupted
And they're all like
"Ok we should probably do something about this right?"
And them some other stuff happened
So we're ending up killing off like every character by hanging them
Like lol what a way to go
Also lol, um, John Proctor
He cheated on his wife with this girl called Abigail Williams right?
His wife's called Elizabeth
But get this, Abigail Williams
Get this, she's 16
That's illegal
So yeah, it's set in the 1600's
But it was written in the 1950's
And it's based off the actual Salem Witch Trials right?
So it's kinda crazy this shit actually happened
But you know, we read it as a book and not a play
'Cos my year 11 teacher
Um, let's just say that was a bit of a meme
No disrespect to you
We all know who you are
(Zacky boy)

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