[Verse 1: Lil Kraezy]
Gotta get some dentures but it's code red/
My rap skills measure that’s what i said/
Creepy forest slender get the fucking paper/
Bullet to the head like you're linchon/ (leaking) Spitting out syllables and synonyms/
Stupid feminist hoes and twitter bitches/
Thinking they're doing good but they doing bad/
And that’s the realest shit/I'm like Quadeca, you're insecure/
But I'ma war lord like Ares, that's for sure/
You're not sure about the score/
Acting so sore about jokes thinking it's war/Bullet to the chest, you don't know the rest/
Apart from the end, it’s a bullet non the less/
You’re easy to offend, you're really just a mess/
Ya’ll sound like somebody playing SSBU as ness/People used to try and make money off of crypt/
Like crypto currency because they fake as shit/
You pale as shit, you a real bitch/
Cancel culture is to bad I don't understand it/[Verse 2: Muskrat][Verse 3: Gun Praise][Verse 4: Branx the King]

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