Pimp Shit lyrics

Pimpin' dead, hell naw
You hoes gon' bless this
Pimp shit too thick [Verse 1]
Some bitches like to help you out to a certain extinct
But when they try to run shit, flat foot stomp that dirty bitch
When you give them hoes some air
That's when they come like the bosses
Claimin' all that bullshit, knowin' she got her pussy tossed
Listen to this game from me to you niggas pimpin'
Remember how you meet that hoe
That's the way she still'll go
Tryin' play a playa bitch, Damn you deserve a smack
Skinny Pimp is a pimp, wit a limp, beatin' on a trick bitch
Quick they beg me back
Imma make my meal, young Gimisum - Family
Struggled to the, top of the fuckin' streets
Either way we can, pushin' dope, pushin' hoes
Rollin', ballin' '94, money mo, not so slow
Meanin' Imma stay up on my hustle all the time
Have it like a playa, long as I can rhyme
See riders they get rich and biters eat the dick
Now if the shoe fit, bitch you can believe that shit
Pimpin' dead, hell naw
You hoes gon' bless this
Pimp shit too thick[Verse 2]
My pimpin' strong, kneel bitch, the truth'll set you free
I grow at Hurt Village, nappy head but I'm cheifin' weed
The time was gettin' harder and my pockets were gettin' broker
I started like chargin' hoes happily makin' my dollars fall off in a roll of
Hundreds, but the courtroom keep me payin' off my tab
This nigga fronted me a fuckin' ounce then turn around front my road dawg a quarter slab
Expectin' me to pay 'em, but you gets none from me fool
Livin' in the life of North Memphis slangin', dope is burnt up but ya call me cool
Let me talk about bitch up in the projects suckin' dick
She was caught on tape lookin' real mad
I said swear to God, that they gotta baby by a funky ass bitch, better go and find her dad
Many bitches I done meet, all them hoes done suck my dick
All them hoes done dropped off checks, heavy bitches keep me fresh
Once they cross, then I toss them bitches like a salad
I talk about the hoe on every tape that I make, then I smoke bud with my mammy
Gigolo nigga that's pimpin' on bitches, I talk about them hoes that make me mad
Bail bitches, broke hoes, this goes out for all y'all ass[Chours]
Pimpin' dead, hell naw
You hoes gon' bless this
Pimp shit too thick

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