Ain't No Click lyrics

KBN gon' terrorise
What you bitches talkin' loud
Thinkin' that I give a fuck
Watch me buck and move the crowd
KBN gon' terrorise
What you bitches talkin' loud [Lil Forty]
Fuck the past, it's the present
Can't you understand
Used to be that buckwild child
Now see I'm a grown man
Livin' fuck the future G
Knowledge deep up in me, see
Hypocrites be talkin' shit
Put you out yo misery
Take it from a playa type
Boy you gotta have some heart
Niggas if you lame to the game
Then yo fuckin' rep is scarred
Represent my fuckin' hood
Talk that shit, like are we good
If you try to cross that line
Bitch I bet I'm down for mine
Lil Forty don't have no love
For bustas I can't trust
Never pass my Mary Jane to hoes all on my nuts
Smoked out nigga take up in my brain
And that's the way it be
Clickin' with the MHV
And bustas, you can't fuck with me
Comin' up like an assassin
My lyrics steady blastin'
Got to reach the top, what I'm sayin'
Got to keep my ass in
Haters keep on hatin' it
Flodgers keep on flodgin'
Come and take this ??? like a bitch
Ain't no dodgin'
Lookin' at the scenery
Man this world ain't shit to me
KKK and C-O-P
All them hoes the same B
The same B[II Black]
What, nigga
The fuck you mean
You got some ana' on yo chest
'cause I hit the scene
II Black got the click
The click is fuckin' thick
We put an end to all this mack hatin' bullshit
Told you once befo'
That I would rock the show
Another thug representin' hard
Outta Mempho'
Mitchell Heights nigga
Is what II Black, he claim
Do these cowards claim the same
In the fuckin' game
??? in to my fuckin' veins
I want you all to feel
This Mitchell Heights Big Pimpin' mane
And for those other soldiers
And this shit it thick as boulders
Don't make me mad
I'll hit the gas
Then I'll run you over
Big Black keep on sellin' crack
Gang-gang scratchin' up that wax
Never too much love
For my folks on that terrorist track
??? real trick
All them folks on ??? Street
Don't forget Hollywood, love ???[Big Dog?]
Okay you hear me nigga
Oh can you feel me nigga
All this ana' in my clique
Don't get near me nigga
Just bein' real to this game
And ain't no love for a lame
Strivin' for the top
Big Dog that nigga so full of game
On my hustle til I die
Prayin' that I reach the sky
Gotta make a hustle
As I struggle through the dark side
Suckers claim they really hard
But Big Dog gon' pull yo card
Dancin' like those .44 shells
As I'm rippin' through yo dome
Niggas best to watch yo step
Just might take yo last breath
Blowin' out a cloud of death
Watch yo back
Fuck yo rep
Yeah I'm down, with the Heights
Blowin' on that light at night
Dwellin' with them h-iz-igh cuz
Standin', callin' everynight
All my niggas really trill
On that mission for a kill
Roastin' toastin jealous hoes
Bumpin' just to make a meal
So I take a pose, they wonder
Prayin' they don't take me under
Dwellin' on this petty shit
You punk motherfuckers[Lil TY]
T-Y got some better prize
For yo playa hatin' eyes
Pimpin' they chose
Bitches soul, on the other side
KBN clickin'
All you bitches
Ain't no lovin' me
B-U-D for B and T
Keep that shit up in me G
BTP we won't be barred
Creepin' deep and comin' hard
Lil TY he won't be barred
Don't you meet the graveyard
Chillin' with capacity
Slippin' on my gravity
Jealous bustas on my nuts
Prayin' down the best for me
Showin' love where love is at
Dwellin' til I'm dead
I ain't scared as I throw my set
LEC Bitch!
Bustas sayin' they run this shit
Boy your clique be history, trick
'Cause y'all got some ???
Ready to break a bustas jaw
Better be suspicous
'cause this shit be like y'all never saw[Lil Slim]
Watch me buck and move the crowd
Move the crowd
Move the crowd
Ridin' with them playas, proud
Showin' what I feel inside
A hustler
'til I truly die, like II Black
What the fuck you mean?
Paper chasin' weed blazin' nigga
'bout that mean green
Just some killers on the scene
Thinkin' that I give a fuck
Bar nones what you tastin'
When erasin' ???
Lord you know it hurt me
Please forgive me
For now I have sinned
Mama, hey now, dry yo eyes
Daddy's probably in the wind
Coulda talked our differences like men
But you chose to be'n
And where I'm from bitches, if you bein'
Fuck like hoes go in
BTP, MHV, Playa Posse, many mo'
BBB and SPV, East of Memphis hit the flo'
Hollywood, Greendale
Thug lives in that Frayser hood
Shouts out to Big Northside
??? all good
NAP, Atlantic Sea
Circle in this place to be
Bumpin' every hood in Memphis, crunk
Lil Gain its on again
It's on again[Lil Gain]
Mitchell Heights up in this bitch
BTP done struck again
Steady 'bout my h-iz-o
Fuck you bustas, always in the wind
All you lemons stay yo distance
Bitch this shit for playas, trick
Real ones hear me
Fake ones fear me
No time for this petty shit
Claimin' what you claimin' ho
Straight thuggin' in my neighbourhood
Ballin', callin', jawnin' fo' that indo ho
I wish you would
Test my nuts
With yo guts
When that teflon starts to poppin
Droppin' all you niggas with that ho type shit
Bitch ain't no stoppin'
When we ride, when we creep
Knockin' niggas off they feet
With them gauges crackin' rages
Puttin' all suckas six-feet deep
All about that dolla as I holla, smoke another one
Man I get so h-iz-igh ain't no ???
TY blow a blunt
Up my nose, man I love to get high off that chronic see
Lil Black got that hay, if he don't, Slim got what I need
Crankin' up this shit
With these killer lyrics that I bump
Bumpin' up fo' real shit
Keepin' gang so don't you front
Don't you front

Lil Gain – Ain\'t No Click

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