Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay I been on that grind you know how it is
I been doing my time with no management
Counting these tracks yeah I stack em up
Love your booty when you back it upYou my star, you the capital
Drop the ball when we catching up
About things we been packing up
I been serving up racks of raps that’s a fact
And I did it with no managerYeah tryna get myself up to par
I wanna repair all my damages
You just be taking them throw them aside
And cover them up like some bandagesOkay I been, spent a long time workin on this
Spent a long time been stackin my profits
Spent a long time inside the lines
I been living in the rhymes of a mastermindI hate talking in the past tense
Way back since
Wishing that we could happen
In my accent
Laying back on my mattress stating the facts
I wish that I fuckin had little more practiceI been stackin that capital
I react to raps and yours laughable
Y’all flexing on the gram my fractional
Man we ain’t compatible
Actually your shit a magical tragedyKnockin on wood like no ones home
Wondering if I should like so and so
But I sit straight still like polio
All I wanted was to be your romeoI’m the main event you the cameo
Got some goons that’ll handle ya
I dont wanna shake hands with ya
Never running out of stamina
Did I say I fuckin did it with no manager?I been stacking that capital
I react to raps and that’s the last
Of that, that I have
You’re fucked like vaginal
I never got a problem in the world when i’m stacking that capital(Yeah, aw shit, yo that was fire as fuck oh my god)
Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay AyI'm a capitalist ignorance is bliss
Stackin up chips you a basic bitch
You look like me when I take a shit
And I look like me when I make a hitYeah i’m stackin it up you laughing it up
My eyes got bags like I’m packing it up
This songs too short? Bitch I do what I want
Imma end it right now I don’t really give a fuck yuh

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