(Intro: Lil B)
Oooohh, What you do for me, what you do for me (Hook: Lil B)
Thank you, Thank you
I just wanna thank you
Thank you, Thank you
I just wanna thank you(Verse 1: Lil B)
I'm an angel in the game
Watch you niggas do it
The fake shit hurt my soul, fuck them other movements
I stay based, talking past, but you never prove it
The niggas dying for the air, even worse nothing
You can look me in the eyes you can see the pain in me
You smoking blunts everyday just to stay asleep
When you done so much dirt you want to stay asleep
Life's a box of chocolate's but ain't nothing sweet
Niggas want that real shit, well this is from the streets
You can hear it in my voice, but I ain't left Berkeley
Ain't nothing changed with me, except my mind state
I'm holding things now
And I married techs
Good people won't tolerate disrespect
Life like a bench press better have your reps
After that, sit back and count the sets
Let em bang last night, the smoke ain't left
That just show you, this ain't a game
Before the rap the streets where I got the fame
Erybody wonder, how the fuck I got my name
If I wasn't real my life wouldn't be the same
(Hook: Lil B)(Verse 2: Lil B)
Let me put it in the air, fuck every square
Every sucka, every person talking behind yo back
Cause you want that love but don't get it back
I turned my back before and let niggas on the map
They took my trap and shit what the fuck is that
That's why most people they can't take the rap
Had to sit the world down saying face the facts
You playing cards and yo face is whack
You got duds niggas in the street to worry about
Put the money in the wall, bury it for the drought
It's good to take a break and get yo mind together
We gon grind together
My time Your time
We tied forever
I'm thugged out with thoughts of the best of them
The beef like the rest of them
My minds clear now it's real now
Lil B I'm here now(Hook: Lil B)
Based Jam mixtape I want to thank y'all, salute, basedworld up, game still on smash, we rocking, still on top and we moving to the top

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