You know everybody got beef you feel me? I'm talking about everybody in the world got a little bit beef, you feel me?
And that ain't no problem though. But imma tell you like it is cause it's Based World thuggin you know? We thuggin with the K's
The macs everything. Man you know we up for real. You feel me? [Verse 1]
Everybody know that I hold the block
Shouts out to Richmond
Imma set up shop
I'm a Richmond nigga
I'm a Berkley nigga
I'm a Oakland nigga
Imma bang the trigga'
Imma deal with ya
Ask me who the bitch
Still with the shit
Cause I'm with the shit
I might flip and zip
Imma fuck the bitch
I'm thugged out bitch
A baseball player
I'm going fucking major
I'm strapped with the (?)
I'll hit em up later
Motherfucking hater
Bitch shaking ass in the back like a square
Feel more BasedGod I'm a fucking player
Seminary BasedGod I fuck with East Oakland
Hundreds point BasedGod I'm San Francisco
Bitch suck my dick while I'm smoking in the rental
All black beanie going down in the pento, BasedGod
Bitch shake yo ass like a ho supposed ta
Imma hold this Glock like a G supposed ta
Let off 30 shots like a G supposed ta
Imma play the game like a G supposed ta
Imma do dirt like a G supposed ta
Imma (?) work like a G supposed ta
Like a G supposed ta, Like a G supposed ta[Verse 2]
Boy gon' talk about the paramedics
Imma tell you what
Imma tell your roll
Imma let the K hit ya
Imma tell you bout the boys with the heaters
Imma tell you bout them boys smoking reefa
Thugged out in the cut you can see us
And I still hit the cooking dance
I'm fucking with the work, I'm the weather man[Hook][Outro]
Lil B the rawest. Fuck with me Based Jam mixtape
We live for that motherfucking coke you on the sideline right now, you know?

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