Tired of this fake rap, hate in my heart
So the money can't help that, I want to kill people
But I can't so I sit back, I know right from wrong
But I can't 'til the get back, I move with the people
But them suckers want me ripped up, how do that feel
When you don't know about my problems, I move so hostile
Like, what the fuck's my problem? Fee-fi-fo-fum
My heart is just dissolving,
I got the best defense
I got the best offense, that won't help

When your mind can't process, your mind so clouded
You're stuck up in the projects, let's stop war
And let's stay up on that topic, you a great person
And don't forget that I'm watching, I wear two watches
Cause I don't miss a step, a legend in the flesh
Smell gold on my breath, BasedGod a wizard
Of the red, white, and blue, yeah I'm in the flesh
Rap for the fitness, I'm the rawest artist
As lord is my witness, I'ma win a Grammy
My time, represent this, you representing Based
Keep going, keep living, if you not Based
Keep going, I love you, tired of the people
Walking by me in public, I got emotions too
You see me, say "hello", even bad days
Turn bright with a smile, moms played cello
Violins, cousin, I did boys choir
But I always stayed thugging, thugging 'til the end
That's the end of discussion, you keep playing with me
Them people, no coverage, all became a game
With the money and the genders, I'm so underground
Like, "where's Master Splinter?", I'm coming for the mainstream

Real nigga, fake nigga, that's the same thing
How you gon' get back? My niggas in the hood
Get shot just for being black, this was all planned
This was not a coincidence, born into a place
Where nobody want me living in, reflection of the world
We the same, but can you see this shit? I got fired from work
Tears in my eyes, every time I cry
Release the hate inside, I feel so cold
But I know I'ma shine, keep your head up
For me one time, for the grind
Don't want to jinx myself, but I feel the feds on my line
Real street nigga, man, I'm getting over
Self made nigga, put the money in the sofa [Outro]
Step it up, man
Hoop Life mixtape
This for life, man
If any of you niggas...
I know a lot of you niggas ain't even really about that rap
You know what I'm saying?
That real hip-hop
A lot of you niggas don't even give a fuck
I might fuck you niggas 'til the end man
Fuck any of these suckers 'til the end man
Niggas coming in...
You know, this real rap, on mine
Real hip-hop, on mine
You know, it's all a nigga got, still
You know, gutter still
You know, we building houses out of this
You know what I'm saying?
That's how we doing it

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