Ay bruh, I'mma tell you why I'm runnin for the mayor, ay come here, COME HERE, and listen to me. This why I'm runnin for mayor lil bruh. Ya know I'm the player of the century. I might even be the player of the... millenium. Okay? Now you listen to me, while I say I'mma run for mayor. I got bitches, I got ev- ahhh! Get it on [Verse 1:]
I'mma tell you this while I'm runnin for the mayor
Hunnid grand show you can call me a player
Seats way back blow the smoke in the air
Bitch suck my dick cause I look like Frasier
36 bitches and they wanna be my neighbor
Bitch suck my dick cause I do it so major
Errybody know that the kid got paper
Hunnid grand show I'll remind your ass later
Still in the hood and I'm strapped with the laser
NBA money bitch, I start for the Lakers
Bitch suck my dick cause she know I'mma save 'er
I'll pay a bitch rent head for the favor
Main bitch mad cause I'm fuckin all my neighbors
I look so good, I'mma have to run for mayor
Fuck my bitch mouth and I sign a little paper
Fuck her in the ass cause the bitch owe me a favor, Based God![Hook:]
I'mma run for mayor, I'm a fuckin' player (x8)[Verse 2:]
My bitch ask me why I'm still in the streets though
Erybody know that's a kid got beef though
I will hold my Glock like I'm shootin' at the free throw
Erybody know Lil B kinda creep though
Fuck what ya heard, I'm still movin' one deep though
Bitch Mob, Task Force, I'mma fuck a bad bitch
Thank you Based God, you can fuck all my bitches
Call me Rick Flair with 36 bitches
Young Based God cookin' dope in the kitchen
I'm at club Liv I fucked a couple bitches
Downtown Miami with a model and she love me
I'm kinda tired, I want the bitch to suck me
Erybody know that the sexy girls love me
Fifteen bitches cause they heard I play rugby (swag swag)
Fucked her in the mouth, bitch you are very funny
Fucked her in the ass and I told her pay me money, Based God![Hook]

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