[Produced by Eskay] [Intro: Lil B]
"Oh my God where you takin' me? I hope theres bitches, please let there be bitches
Wherever I am goin just please let there be bitches, I want more bitches than this. Please
Let this be a sick dream. If theres no bitches here I don't wanna be here
Get me away from this, let me. Wake me up. Fuck, I hope I wake up. This is horrible. Wheres the bitches?'[Hook:LilB]
I fucked alotta hoes (x8)
I fucked a rich ho (x8)[Verse 1]
Call me Klay Thompson cause I won't save a bitch (figarrrro)
If Klay won't save, then I won't save
Aston Martin bitch get my coat and my money (bitch you know wassup)
Bitch get my goddamn coat out da front (please)
Im fuckin' hoes and then I thank the Based God (hurry up!)
Call me Iman Shumpert fucked her in a Hummer (figarrrro)
I flex baby key bitch give my fuckin' money (Ahh!)
Old school playa ain't a damn thing funny bitch![Interlude]
"Uh you remember back in my day when they didn't have any bitches?"
"What?" You aren't gonna fuck anymore bitches Lil B we're gonna lock you up and throw away the key
And we don't want you fuck any bitches!" (Noooooo!)
I fucked alotta hoes (x8)
I fucked a rich ho (x8)Punk ass bitch 'gon tell me how it go
Call me Based God bitch I look like the Pope (mamaa)
I got ten bitches and they call me Bill O'Reilly (figarrro)
I look like Madonna, bitch I'm a farmer
I'll pick ya cotton bitch but don't call me a farmer (figarrro)
Call me a genius
I'll fuck ya an I'll leave ya
I got ten bitches and they look like Serena(Mmmm)
They might play tennis
Imma fuck the witness
Your bitch on my dick and I told her "Pay attention" (figarrro)[Hook:LilB]
I fucked alotta hoes (x8)
I fucked a rich ho (x8)

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