Yo, Hoop Life
Yo, yo, yo, yo, it's Lil B
Hoop Life, we on a mission, to make it
Yo, yo, yo, yo, whoa
It's Hoop Life, we on a mission, to make it
Shout out all my niggas that's holding me down
What it do? [Verse 1]
The only time I slow down, is when a nigga be laughing
I don't judge a lot of things, just promoting my passion
Hip-hop make a nigga scream like he on acid
And I'm fly like NASA, I'm a python, bastards
Niggas hold their shoulders when their body in ashes
Bastards fuck you up, niggas have you looking like, "damn"
And everybody else, why you here?
I ain't fake, bitch, I'm paying bills here, nigga, I'm still here
Real niggas learn where their heart, where their still is
Niggas be making hits, bitch, I'm still is
Shit, you niggas little kids, coming in the game
I'ma show you how to drill, bitch
Niggas say I'm wet, no nigga, I spill shit
Just prefer to kill shit, mutilate and...shit
I don't even rap, I peel shit
When I'm not high, I still be on some ill shit
And that's real shit[Bridge]
You know what I'm saying?
Money to the floor, money to the ceiling with the contracts
You know what I'm saying?
Hoop Life, bitch
Yeah, yo, yo
Yeah[Verse 2]
Finna get more than millions
We popping off the Cris, stop me, bitch
She looking at me, like I'm optimistic
Bitch, slow down, we ain't got shit
Moment of silence for all my niggas
Gotta bless them, god bless you
I don't work with that fitness rap
5 stars bitch, the [bitch] is back
Holla at him boy, the vet is back
Lil B, sexy rap, I'm back, bitch
I'm raw in the present
I'm like a present, cause it's a gift and a message
I'm posted in the game, I don't need no answers
Young nigga's looking sick, and he ain't got cancer
I love you if you got cancer, and beat it
And if you ain't beat it, god bless you, I love you
I cried long nights, hoping for those cameras
A lot of niggas try to flash in those cameras
You niggas playing, y'all don't know about them dancers
You niggas haters, try to talk in C-Notes, not the answer
You got a bad bitch? Deep throat dancers
Young niggas in the stars, but I know cancers
People asking me...shit, you don't know no answers!
Sway, man, I know you got the answers!
You niggas so fake, man, you preload them answers
Damn, that's a female answer
Make a bitch run for balls like her name Pete Sampras
Bitch, that's a 3-piece sandwich
Come hop up on the dick like a 3-D hammock
And that's a real big sandwich
I'm just love rapping, I'm way past trapping
Only time I get high, is when a nigga be laughing[Outro]
Lil B
Hoop Life mixtape
Stay up, I love you
Stay positive, man
Make sure you love people
The only important thing in this life is to love people
And don't worry if you get hurt in the process, cause everybody's not bad
Out of 10 people, 1 person might hurt you
2 people might hurt you out of 10, even 3 or 4 people might hurt you
But, you know what?
Keep positive, cause the real ones gon' see that you real
And they gon' have your back
Hoop Life is about love, and it's about strength
It's about getting people together, and staying positive, man
You feel me?
Keeping your head up throughout anything, throughout everything, man
You know, staying positive and showing that real love
Lil B wants you to show love
Lil B got love for you, man
You feel me?
Hoop Life is for you
It's from the heart, man
You the special person, man
You are the best, man
Hoop Life, man
Lil B gotta make the NBA
Lil B got to
It's no question
Hoop Life

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