We got a lot, a lot of people here in tonight
Man, I can't believe it
Like I said, Hoop Life mixtape
This is everything that we wanted to do, everything that we got
We made it
Giorgio [Verse 1]
I came with the right, I came with the left, dude, I'm outta sight
Yeah, I look like a black man, then I stuffed it with my back hand
I made a shot, going on the court, 'cause I play a lot
I gotta work out, eat the right food on the court, and get ruly
I slam on you, pass of the lot so fast like Kobe
Call me A-Rod with the forty, my shot on the court make a few say, "Holy"
With everyone, I work on the shot, 'cause I can't dunk
Off season, still blow blunts, I don't give a fuck[Interlude]
Man, make sure y'all cop the new Lil B shoes that's going to be coming out soon
We gettin' it poppin'
And all you people that's making fake Lil B clothes...[Verse 2]
Let me in the game, Allen Iverson the one to reign
He in the hall of fame, we all just players in the game
Who gon' make the locks in yo' lane? My boy got traded when they sane
Never thought who switches teams, but that's the lead
No loyalty, I own Lil B on royalties
You niggas is haters, I love the Clippers and I love the Lakers
I love them both, bought my ticket, never miss a note
Bought so many jerseys, I might go broke
Shout outs to all the scouts out here
You know, all the Bay Area scouts that's coming out to the West Coast
Gettin' all this talent, everyone that's scouting Lil B right now
Gettin' closer and closer to that NBA court
We doing it for the Hoop Life mixtape
We need everybody in here to turn up
We gettin' it live, we doin' what we want
Lil B
mixtape, everybody watching us play the game
Everybody been watching Lil B play the game, let's get it
Lil B, you changed the world, we change the way we play the game
Hoop Life is you, you do this
The timin' is everything, and you the master timer

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