Walking through this office building
I never seen so much opportunity before
I feel like I'm gon' make it
Beautiful marble floors
Office desks and contracts representing me
I don't feel like I'm gon' be tied in to nothing bullshitty
I'ma make it to the NBA, and I'ma play my heart out [Hook]
Real people
My whole life, I was eating off paper plates
Niggas try to slow down, but I never wait
We all gotta sleep, but I'm trying to stay awake
Real people, we never take a break
My whole life, I was eating off paper plates
Niggas try to slow down, but I never wait
We all gotta sleep, but I'm trying to stay awake[Verse 1]
Trying to stay awake but the game got another plan
Don't hate the player, hate the game, I hate both
Going through some things, man, fuck this damn boat
Came to the hood to get off this damn dope
Shit been sick since we came off the damn boat
Play your cards right, nigga, this your last hope
Seen dreams get taken, whole life changes
Niggas can't get a second chance, your whole life tainted
Don't give up, promise you'll keep dreaming
More power for the money if you keep on believing
The dreams turn to capital, money on the avenue
Fighting for my life, that's why I'm mugging when I stare at you
They killing off us, way before we got here
Now, it's me against the world, nigga, like 'Pac here
Popping off shots everyday, this is not a war
But we at war in a small place
War in our mind, is worse than genocide
Projects experiment came to life, y'all doing fine
Y'all doing a great job, killing off future generations
Y'all niggas keep hating
Money on my mind and shit
We grinding 'til the end, baby
It's Lil B
Money on my mind, nigga
Rocking up, bitch
Take the money, nigga[Verse 2]
Pain, you niggas don't know no pain
You just feel pain, mine internal
Cursed with some, more than cursive
Searching through the fucking persons
You don't know what you believe in, stuck between cursive
Just reverse leaning, can't forget what you seen
Nigga I earned it, don't be mad
Because you feel like you don't deserve it
Don't compare, don't worry 'bout stress
Don't mind, just come prepared
They say it's your not fault, I should have been aware
You feel me? Fuck that, man, I don't like that feeling
I ain't gonna be a victim
Rather see myself, a person, or a person
Spend your money wise, man, spending more time
I hustle hard for the dead people under stairs
Look at me wrong, nigga, you'll be under there

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