Like I said, it's your boy Lil B, thuggin'
Like I said, man, shout out to New Orleans, you feel me?
Whole 9, you feel me, Hollygrove, Apple and Eagle
Niggas thuggin', thuggin' so fucking hard [Verse 1]
Bitch, call me Mack Maine
Riding in that black thang
On a plane
Hollygrove like Mack Maine
Bitches gon' fuck us
Bitches gon' rush us
I'm gon' throw a party
Bitches gon' fuck me
Gangster like Mack Maine
Legend like Mack Maine
Pistols and cocaine
I don't smoke a thang
Robbed a drug dealer
Come up on 50 bands
Bought a house
Then I bust a bitch[Hook x16]
Bitch, call me Mack (Maine)
[Verse 2]
Pull up in that slow lane
Hundred grand on the seat
Bitch play that Lil B
Still got bitches, nigga
Two thousand fourteen
I'm strapped with that pink shirt
Tricking in person
Bitch, it's Halloween
Trick or treat
I could fuck hoes for free
But, that's too easy
Buying pussy, write it off
I'm a boss
Salute to Rick Ross
I'ma still boss up
Never been washed up
I'm the real cash out (x2)
I stay cashing out (x2)
30 for the fucking pussy (x2)
50 for that fucking mouth (x2)[Hook x16][Outro]
Hey man, shout out to Mack Maine, bro, straight up, man
You a legend out here, man
You know what I'm saying?

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