Yeah we got to this part of the... you feel me
This project, this mixtape man, Based Jam
This real life... ticket, you got one chance... make it right [Verse 1]
Love or death what I gotta do to stay alive
My homies still work I don't fuck with shady guys
We grew up together so I thought I know 'em
Loyalty meant to me from the start we golden
But you went to far got me out here showin'
Took advantage of my love, hold the choppa unnoticed
When you first got evicted I was out there helpin'
Like bruh what you need? I never been selfish
People prey on the weak when they know you killin'
That's why I stick to my guns an I ain't out here scary
I been fucked over, took the gun with the bag
Gave my last dollar, that was all that I had
You expect to get respect but ain't none given
Damn near lost my life you was out there chillin'
When I had beef you stood right there and watched
You just shown me you love on a different note
Even thought you let me sink you was on my boat
People hang just to hate you left me in the smoke
People hatin' on the boss but it's all gravy
You're a fish in the water, I'm a shark off canvey
With the heart made of gold and I got more love
More love you just kill, more love more slugs
More thugs on your back, more thugs want more
Like I ain't gave you enough, some drugs an dope
Most thugs want dope to stay high as a kite
Most people off drugs and forget who they like
Don't be the next nigga smoke away your whole life
Keep your honour to yourself, let the world get right
I'm taking steps had to get away in
Who ya trust in the game don't respect those fakin'
Always stay ready, yeah they was talkin' bout shoes
I was talkin' bout death and they was talkin' bout bitches
Couldn't dope in the front man mind your business
Ain't safe where I live even though it's nice
It's a silent war I'ma bring it to life
People dyin' from the block and ain't nobody fightin'
Won't fight for your life and won't fight for the right
Keep waves pass the murk if you don't pay attention
Gotta hold on your soul, most people gon listen
So love don't matter, gotta be on the same page
You ain't got love but we thinkin' bout other things
Yeah keep your mind on some other things
Keep your mind on the prize, fuck them other things
Fuck everybody, we rockin', Based Jam

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