[Intro: Lil B]
Damn, year after year, day after day
This shit be crazy
Sometimes I feel like niggas lose grasp but we still here
We moving through the past, to the future [Verse 1: Lil B]
Uh, I keep the cold like a convict
Cross world the game and the gun where my arm live
You got to think to match me
Them bullets leave you straight, like a crease in khakis
Walking through the street better have some passes
The game so sick i was on my mattress
Playing low cards had to work my magic
Nobody gave me shit, love, static
Everybody fall, people what happened
Why every thing good, -- but your past so bad
Never get on, the dummy
Never hear me snitchin', no love for the money
For real, but you love your money
You would die for that shit, that's why the world fucked up
I won't lie on this shit, I'mma ride for this shit
Fuck errybody do, choppers out for all of you
Based Jam[Outro: Lil B]
You feel me?
We just growing up
Everyday, man you know, keep it gangsta
Riding around you know we doing, just whatever we got to do
You feel me?
I'm talking about this you know real salute
Real honorable, you know, I keep it real honorable
Man that's all i'mma say, This Based World talk man
Based World real, it gets real for the deal man
Sliding through you know
On this day, it's a perfect day for it too
You know, we only think about that grind time
You know we doing it whatever
Every time, always
How you working round?
We working with it, I feel you though
It's ya boy Lil B
Based Jam mixtape, collect

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