[Verse 1]
I been in worse positions
I gotta keep my game face
I'm playing D-1 ball, I just got an injury
But I won't stop
Cause I gotta see the NBA

Gotta see 12 rings
I gotta show that I’m great
Wanna see the hall of fame

I gotta do the drills
Everyday I'm in the gym doing reps, doing curls
Had a dream that I'd be a star up on the court
And its never too late to be a star, go start

I will be up in practice dribbling two balls at one time like Trevor
They run six, I go seven
And I gotta pull my worth on the team
Yeah, so my contract could be mean
Stadium full of fans screaming for me
Live on TV, the game’s on me
Actually the game’s on us, because we winning as a team
But that’s a daydream, I’m still in the hood scheming
Tryna find a coach or a scout on a team
Go to D league, or play overseas
Or play Drew league or a Forest U team
Gon and sponsor me, I’m all in the game
On points you got better
I’m leading a one way better
I’m just tryna get my cheddar
I gotta get it together
I dribble the ball late night
I miss my head up, I can’t see, I gotta make the NBA [Hook x10]
I gotta make the NBA[Verse 2]
I just left the gym it was a late night
The owner of the Grizzlies was walking outside
I got a little courage so I walked over to him, right
I told him that I ball and I’m nice
He said "You’re alright but you need to get better."
I said "What's wrong?" He said "You need to step up defense
And really be a leader on the court, You ain't near the status of the NBA
We can’t afford a loss". He asked me if I’m connected to the NBA
I said "Kinda, I know a dude named Ronnie 2K
He said if I play a hundred games and I win fifty
I got a shot at going to the league."
Jeremy Lin, he made it from the D league if I’m correct
I’m gonna follow his steps
One life to live, I’m gonna be a baller, yes![Hook x10]
I gotta make the NBA

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