Man we rocking to the motherfucking top, like I said man, Hoop Life mixtape man, we don't take nothing from nobody, we got bitches, we got money, we got swag, before everything we based, Aye, Imma tell you something man, tiny pants everything, Bitch Mob in this motherfucka, we got bitches [Verse 1]
Fuck you new niggas, man that's how I feel
And fuck you old niggas, man that's how I feel
50 grand show bitch, no deal
Sweet talking me, bitch you'll get yo ass killed
Man you broke ass promoters can't book me
Fuck ten thousand nigga, what the lick read?
Fuck holding weight bitch, what the zip be?
Robbed the drug dealer, all my zips free
In Miami with a young bitch
Quit talking about the law I'm not dumb bitch
Nigga motherfuck the law I'm eating crumbs bitch
And I broke the bitch jaw in one-on-one bitch
Leave me alone, I work too hard
I'm that bitch with a green card
Man this life is a fucking gamble
So I discipline bitches and set examples[Hook] x2
I murk young niggas and I murk old niggas
I don't go outside no mo nigga
I'm doing life in my mansion
With these bad bitches dancing
[Verse 2]
I'm just trying to eat, bruh can you put me on
It's not my fault a nigga dealt shady cards
I hit my licks and bitch I took a charge
I'm so filthy rich, boy I swear to god
If you come from the hood you know my problem
I step straight outside, them niggas started choppin'
Erybody in the club, just started howling
When he gave me that look I know he got problems
I never start shit, I'm the one to end it
I told them niggas it's Thanksgiving
Man fuck them niggas like it's Thanksgiving
I ride through that city, with the chopper spinning
In the suburbs, nigga, with the guns and dope
I pimp myself nigga like a pimp a ho
Man tell me shit hot man you need to go[Hook] x2[Verse 3]
How you gon' eat, bitch how you gon' sleep?
I'm geeked off the fame I can't fucking sleep
Keep my eyes open, all my eyes open
Niggas try to play me, bitch that iron totin'
I don't gotta play games, I'm not the best actor
Just because you a nerd, don't mean you a backpacker
This is backpack rap with the dope in it
This that underground rap with that coke in it
A little weed, let me roll a blunt
I'm off to LA with my niggas
I'm off to LA with my niggas
I'm out in LA fucking bitches
And Lil B, nigga this for real
Drive Maybach bitch and I'm popping pills
I don't talk shit, bitch that will get you killed
[Hook] x2

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