(Intro: Lil B)
I'm like a beautiful mind, like I got my own genius, you know, it ain't hard to find, the love ain't hard to find inside (Verse 1: Lil B)
And I make it first
Damn near nodded off, when i hurt that shirt
My young light told me bruh got knocked off
Voice was sour, had to go take a shower
Thought in a hour that the pain go away
But to see in my face and its hitting in my brain
Last breath, it was talking about that message
For the people lost their life half stepping
Counting up blessings
Open up their eyes
Cause I walk around asleep
Nobody knows when your love ones gone
Stay growing
And I love home
Whatever bitch I love home
Niggas coming off the dome
Giving up pain
Sliding with the throne
Riding round town niggas all standing strong
Got a hold weight, move that 8 long
I seen suckas hold guns right by the waist up
Trying to put you underground like dug outs and based ball
Imma get great, coming with the tech out
Come full force, this that next route
Lay 'em on the ground show 'em what the set 'bout
Can't believe he gone and I still feel pain
I'm moving to the top my feelings stay the same
This that real game
(Hook: Lil B)
Now, what you gon' do when you go on a drought now(Verse 2: Lil B)
I'm sleeping on the floor now
Everything's war now
People tell me slow down
How can I slow down
When people dying all around
My mind float in every space
The dope make me levitate
Drugs on the dinner plate
Niggas gon' always hate
Until they see the game fake
Too late
So circa 68
Dude like me see way, when I'm down bad
My heart and thi- sh-
Is the only thing I ever had
Now who can I really trust
Blunt smoking after blunt
I check with my P01's
I can see it in her eyes
That she got no heart
But niggas don't say shit
They treat me like a villian and I ain't even dangerous
But i let the K split
Shit that ain't shit
You suckas want war I'm here and I
Y'all bitch ass niggas y'all gotta face it
Glock nine 20 give you niggas face lifts

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