Yeah, you really took your time
To figure out I'm not your favorite mind
To project onto every night
[?] such a dreadful sigh Anybody else could see
The kinda games that you played with me, no
None of it was really fair
When we're staring down [?] game of two player solitaireHold on, don't you dare
Look at me like you care
Your fault that you're the air of a misfortune, no
Self proclaimed pityer, couldn't be shittier
To me, and not to her
Is in your natureYou're too oblivious for me to think you found
The run after your gonе, the war will still go out
You really thought you'd just reclaim your crown
But it's nеver gonna work, no
Never gonna work, no
Oh baby, all you wanna see
Is the integral impact you had on me
I'll be at your doorstep like "Hunny, please!"
No it's never gonna work, no
Never gonna work, noAnother day, another lie
Yeah, why the hell do I even try to
Figure out if you could really cry?
Your apathy to all this
Your [?] congruent
Or is it her that you miss so?

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