It's time to break free from improperty
There's nowhere left to go
There's a lotta people hungry on the streets tonight
Plenty folk huddle round a fire light
They're living in the shadows, the houses getting fewer
Boarding up the old ones and pricing out the newer There's a lotta people standing in a line tonight
Families freezing by the candlelight
Living in the damp, the children looking older
Their bеds are getting moldy and the colds arе getting colderIt's time to break free from improperty
Nowhere left to go
Someone set us free 'cause the rent is killing me
And the place that I call homeThere's a lotta people pulling up the floorboards tonight
They're just tryna keep the fire alight
'Cause living is a trial and the battle's getting harder
Kids are crying hungry and there's nothing in the lotter
There's a lotta people haven't got much money tonight
A lotta people wanna start a firefight
'Cause the rich man's getting fatter and no one seems to matter
Power and vice, they kept us marginalizedIt's time to break free from improperty
'Cause nowhere left to go
Won't someone set us free from austerity
There's nowhere to call home

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