My love Never felt this open
Girl you got me deep up in this thing it’s like a ocean
Of your loveI thought about you so I wrote this
And girl I’m tryna better myself for you hope you noticeYour My love
Hate to say it but I need you , and you need me know , girl we’re feening for each other and you know I’m damn rightSometimes I hate you , then you hate me but I love you , do you love me ? , I wonder why do we have to fightIt’s been draining all our energy baby
So why don’t you just link so we can end ts tonightYou know I’m rightI promise I don’t do shit on purpose
Didn’t mean tear ya mental down girl your not worthlessNever meant to ever let ya down and have ya hurtingWhen it comes to speaking my emotions it’s like cursiveNoI Didn’t mean to build ya mental up then tear ya downI put my anger on you when you the one that’s aroundSo baby let me give you yo credit , you held it down

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