I'd Have to Think About It lyrics

I know that I will love again
I'll meet someone and I'll make amends
I'm sure she'll be a gentleman
And I will be content I know that I would be fulfilled
See the world and pay my bills
Have a drink and eat my fill
Of dinners and free willBut if you come to me
In my home with my three kids
If you asked me to leave
To be with you and split
Well I'd at least, have to think about itYou never loved the same amount
You spent a week at my mother's house
And honest, I can tell you now
I'll love you more than my future spousеAnd if you come to me
When I'vе promised to commit
If you told me that you loved me
And asked me for a kiss
Well I'd at least, have to think about it
You are my Achille's heel
The weakness only I can feel
I've been a liar and you've been a (bill?)
But I'd still have to think about itThings just won't be the same
I'm scared to death that I'll scream your name
And still, there's not a thing that I'd change
And that's okay, when I think about it

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