Dont show me ur music cuz ill turn it off
Cuz it sucks
Like damn activist lets pour it up
It up
He think he tough but this Glock bust
On god
Lose ur life talking to me like that
Thats rough, get on Its crazy cuz i got way too many sons
That bobble headed monkey think he tough
But that boy just really soft
Stop calling my phone at 2am tryna talk
Like what u on?
This dude cj ain't slick he copies cadence from my songs
Like none of u really want smoke on god
Kill yourself wit a long rope on god
Fingers in yo mommas throat on god
Cj be crying bout toat on god
Cj must think he the goat on god
Dude dead be stealing my flow on god
Swear he wanna be on what im on
I bet ur grandma give that gawk on god
Oh godYall make me sick ugh
I spend my money on ricks ugh
I gave his momma sum d***
They said that he wanna diss
And laughed in they face like man yall some kids ugh
Put deez nuts on yo mommas lips
Take ur life like slit ur wrist

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