Her lyrics

Her hair dancing in the wind
Silent drums in spring
Flowers fading under her skin Diamonds shining over seas
Come aboard stay with me
Let’s move to somewhere no one can find us
No one can find usI know
How it hurts
Cutting down, falling deepI know
How it hurts
Cutting down, falling deep
Her eyes shimmering like gold
Summer glow after we’re done
I think I fell in love againShe’s my north and my sun
Her name floating in my head
Hold me close so we can fly away
So we can fly awayDreaming of you
Hiding my fears away
SomehowShe’s gone, fading
It seems I’ve seen a ghost
Pale face, scares me
Cuts me deep
Down my throatHer words are knives I can’t forget
They cut deep but grow cold
A message from beyond my graveHer eyes are nocturnal birds
Spread its wings without fear
The fire plays a sweet symphony

Lady In White – Her

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