Ray Vaughn Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #118

LA Leakers



[Verse 1]
Wolverine the way I healed through all my growin' pains
I know niggas who got it worse, that's why I don't complain
Creampie, you gotta see the shit I overcame
But I'm the last airbender, I control the wave
It's flexibility on they words, look how they bend the truth
They don't like to show they true colors 'cause they got hidden hues
I'm in a Bentley coupe with a bitch that look just like Betty Boop
And on 1942, she from the beach, so she get gin and juice
The bitch keep goin' through my phone, she give top and snoop
I'm legendary like the night I met with Top and Snoop
I branched out and I started blackin', this is rotten fruit
But Top don't sign niggas who mumble or rap like Dr. Seuss
I open fire on my enemies, that's case closed
The bottom bunk's the only time I ever laid low
See they turned they cap on, you see they fake bold
I'm feelin' generous, watch me give his ass a halo
'Cause they don't wanna see me eat, well what's the point of EBT?
Locust Ave nigga, I'm still flexin' with that EDD
My auntie did my taxes this year, we ain't even speak
My cousin, he a crip, but they still blessed him with that PPP
I Jim Carrey my unfortunate events
From the bottom until now I had to build it like suspense
I'm loyal, not barbwire, never been on the fence
And if pain makes you strong, I'm Hercules with the strength
I been outside and I ain't seen you niggas in months
Problems like Anthony Tiffith, I gotta roll with the punch
Whoopee cushion, all these niggas out here fakin' the funk
Swimmin' in debt, well damn, that's how you end up in trunks
They take you out midday, I guess you goin' to brunch
I'm toxic, my bitch in the car but put my bro in the front
I'm cold, they nose finna run, I paint your whole cinnabon
It's a lot of money in this world, I'm tryin' to go get a bunch
Look, warlocks, we keep a broom, I only ran from afternoon
Used to be in English honors, I know how to read a room
Paper plate, no silver spoon, trial dates was coming soon
Granny used to say I'm doomed, playin' on me, no autotune
EBT benefits, I was born a degenerate
Chasin' after commas 'cause family completed sentences
A lot of rappers in my age group really be hit or miss
But I don't miss shit and I always got a hit to give
Long Beach guys sight my porch and this off the top
This ain't musical chairs, ain't no trickin' me out my spot
See they double cross me and thinkin' that I forgot
So until the finish line or my soul inside of a box
It's gon' be fuck y'all, my whole vibe on do not disturb
'Cause y'all put me through some shit that I do not deserve
Mom was bangin' 21st when all the gunshots occurred
And enemies get stumped like they forgot the word
Too much love for me to hate on you
Speakin' down behind my back, well then it's shame on you
I told the girl I thought I love, "I can't wait on you"
If you gotta lie 'bout how you fuck with me, I'm straight on you
For real, I'm knowin' shit ain't a hunnid, 'cause I can feel it
They create they comic books and try to make you out the villain
I went from feedin' the children to fuckin' hoes at the Hilton
I went from Dollar Tree to grocery shoppin' at Pavillions
For real, I want a billion on my plate and some estates, yeah
Reality checks is how I pay for my mistakes, yeah
I see you niggas ridin' waves, I'm on dry land
Was broke then but now the Rollie flooded like high pants
Way too amped up over exes that couldn't focus right
So right after I fuck 'em I ghost 'em, I feel it's poltergeist
The dayshift niggas seem to think this happened overnight
But since 12 I've been locked in like COVID nights
That just had my back against the wall like checkin' shoulder heights
Y'all was playin' GoldenEye, I was shootin' with loaded dice
My wrist look like a bowl of ice
Yeah I'm antisocial but somehow I'm still a socialite
So I don't want a bitch that's gon' get big headed over likes
Tried to buy love but quickly found out it was overpriced
The first in my family to do this shit, I'm the prototype
30k a show, you doin' open mics, was raised by a gun
And it's ironic 'cause my pops ain't give me no advice
Rappin' in the car, but couldn't stay the same
'Cause there's no room to turn into a star
Keep my feelings bottled up then hope nobody breaks the jar
But gotta keep the lid on me, whether win, lose or draw, man
You get the bigger picture once you zoom in
Business calls with Mook, got him tyin' up some loose ends
Old friends jealous once you make it out the streets
Once you show 'em too much love, they try to play you like you weak
For real, I love my brothers for not foldin' under pressure
And I be with Cam so much, I'm feelin' like a whole director
My whole team buzzin', I done started up a hive, nigga [Verse 2]
I carry that kind of love in my heart that you will never find
Seen niggas scared of they demons, I make friends with mines
I might have bent the truth but I never lied
I need something to feel alive when I'm dead inside
All my personal issues, I'm learning to set aside
'Cause I planted the seed and niggas came with pesticides
Give y'all my testimony but never would testify
Will buy lunch for the reaper to see who next to d-
Bitch I've been cold since a snotty nose
Since I was drinkin' tap water out the water hose
Since I was stealin' shit from Trey 'cause mom ain't buy me clothes
Since I was robbin' people houses and got honor roll
Shit I was 9 when I made the decision I'm a go platinum like FUBU
That's when I learned the same ones who love you will try to use you
Everybody tryin' to win so nobody cry when they lose you
We had nothin' in the crib we could eat but some Ramen noodles
Every dog got his day, you better mark your calendar
Everybody get a shot but I'm a different caliber
And roaches crawlin' while you sleep, I make you pick the pallet up
See I was cryin' out for help but wasn't screamin' loud enough
So it was quiet from my fake brothers, only 8 of us
We turned to the section 8 brothers
And we so tired, we squeeze through and they take cover
Arnold with the fist if they play buster
The buildings gon' take structure, can't let 'em fake love us
'Cause shit, that's all on me
That's a domino effect 'cause they gon' fall on me
And if they phone off, I promise they could call on me
The pain I've been dealin' with just built a wall on me
Yeah, too many questions, I just wanna ask my daddy
Like why you fuck with my mama and bring me into this family?
Ain't expected to have me, address it, like, "send the addy"
16, you 32, if you ask me, that shit is nasty
Look, we used to pray for all them hundred dollar sneaks
Standin' by the stove just to get some heat
We was rockin' dirty clothes, I had stains on my tee
That shit stained on my mind 'cause my bed smell like pee
Look, Buck used to have them fiends runnin' in and out
My mama couldn't pay them bills, we couldn't keep her house
A lot of shit we didn't have, that's why we went without
While Steven tried to touch my sister, then he hit the couch
Damn, them Buena Vista days, I really miss them days
Half of 'em in a cage, other half in a grave
We grew but we didn't age, torn from a different page
From a house that we didn't sage, black people don't need sage
I used to live in color, as of lately, I just live in beige
'Cause where I'm from they let it ring, who tryin' to get engaged?
You get a dp if you slide and you didn't gauge
Caught in the middle? That's what happen when you center stage
Yeah, or that's what happens when you hate a man
Got me feelin' less in these situations I'm greater than
The east of the city so all my family's a Raider fan
Want to talk to my dead homies, Heaven ain't got a data plan
You ever put the seat back to sleep in the car?
You ever live with somebody while they eat and you starve?
You ever looked in the mirror and just hate who you are?
But just to say it make you relive it or think of the scars?
I have
A thousand times

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