(Hook-Ben-G) x2
I know alot of fly hoes
That do the same thing that the guys do
Say, player gonna do what a player do
So don’t be mad ’cause girl you do it too (Verse 1)
Think I don’t know when you’re with your friends how the gossip go
You think you’re slick but I’m here to tell you the cover’s blown
And not to mention you think us brothers don’t pay attention
Our mamas taught us, a woman’s the biggest player in this
Like when we calling you sitting next to your other dude
Bet you gonna pick up just the opposite of what brothers do
Saying, I love you too boo, can’t wait till I see you too
And he don’t say a thing ’cause he know you dishing a mushu
Or claim you out at your girl’s spot
You stay late , we’re at work right
That’s just the frame of your for plus
Y’all be tight as hell for a long time
You sound just like you say these felas do but gon’ deny it
Probably take it to your grave, please tell the truth ’cause baby(Hook) x2(Verse 2)
If you gon’ play then play baby don’t bring a lie with it
You ain’t an angel yourself so don’t you be hiding it
You got him thinking he’s the one and only guy hitting
He find out that you cheating that’s how people get their lives ended
As men we do it too so I ain’t the one for excuses
Knowing that you just gave up our booty can make men stupid
But I ain’t by us either we true can nod and deceive you
But it’s a little different with our pride and our ego
Don’t be lying to me tho I’m not that guy to believe you
I’ve been with women of every kind and I’m finding that people
Tend to pick men of the rotten apples, read genesis
See how Eve was a player then you compare who the sinner is
That’s why(Hook) x2(Verse 3-Ben-G)
And if you do I’ma flip the script on you
When you texting on your phone, then you cheated
When you on your Facebook, then you cheated
Phone rings you don’t answer, girl you cheating
It don’t feel good being accused a lot
Truth be told I’m not them other guys
Make up your mind, the clock is ticking
Don’t waste no time baby girl
Stop that thinking(Hook) x2

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