You are now rocking with
The deuce click
Kutt Calhoun (Black Gold) , BG Bulletwound, Snug Brim
You are now about to witness the strength
Of street knowledge (Hook)
It's goin down
We do this here, we ain't tripping off fame
Put us in the game end up with a stupid cheer
So you be clearing my lane
It's goin down
The troops is near, deuce clique is my game
Fully active through your area code
Like you ain't know that we bang
It's goin down(Verse 1: Kutt Calhoun)
In my home town we don't fuck around
And we turnt up
Oven mittens I carry heat
So you turkey niggas get burnt up
Beef eater one hundred proof
Might fuck around and get murked bruh
Water smoking, pot or token
This 80 babies gon hurt something
Deuce clique is my gang lane
Got an episode on A&E
Where I live is like Good Times
But it's hood grind cause we ball to eat
39th down to 27th
Then down north got them birds cheap
Ain't talking chicken but it's finger licking
When you're counting paper from the curb seat
Sitting home with this chopper
Cocked and locked and off with this vodka
Poppin molly brought to their gauges
Spooked and paranoid with my partners
Got bout 20 grand in my pocket
Damn near 50 more in my closet
Every bitch around me get naked
Still can't trust the ho is my logic
Around this black gold
Keep my enemies close to me it's my trap code
Told Snug Brim, BG, and Skatta
Them tails rattled he blacked on
Show Me State be showing out
Let niggas know that we on now
9/11 flight 93
So hope you niggas know
(Hook) x2(Verse 2: Snug Brim)
Catch me ridin round with my reefa
Whiskey all in my cup
Money all in my pocket nigga
Pistol right by my gut
Deuce clique when I'm reppin mane
5 star I'm a general
Get the poppin' off at your gum shoes
I'mma break it down to the mineral (to the mineral)
With the business dough
Kutty called and I'm showing now
Pulling up with them Philip Drummonds
Got them different strokes gotta freeze your mouth
I be on piaza loud, bees with what them G's about
Creeping in these streets
Can get you leak complete with cheese for mouses
Public houses, we come from that
Mob ville with them gang bangers
Thangs hanger, lumberjacks
Skinny jeans we don't fuck with that
The definition of a block monster
Kansas city on the side of my helmet
Clips longer than a black mamba
We made for drama, stay tullied up
This is the Show Me Stizzle
Playboy we rude as fuck
You and ya dude get touched
For all them funny stares
Or it will be going down
Have goonies everywhere
(Hook) x2(Verse 3: BG Bulletwound)
And I'm dopest in it's purest form a head honcho
Was at the blocko when I'm hopping on a bronco
Motherfuckers better be alarmed
I got it nigga
Get it , pack it, move it, push it, get it, gone
Make a motherfucker wanna spend it on
Deuce clique niggas on a mission (AW!)
Niggas raw, but you niggas thought we was going somewhere
Hsst niggas, naw
Been up in the lab getting head from a badass bitch
Never ever took a minute off
Told y'all niggas, it be goin down
Every time we come, it be goin down
Off up in the MO, or I'm in another town
Tell the bartender, go bring another round
Knife's off in my pocket, got them jewels off in my chain
Got them hoes screaming out Jeezy riding with Kutty off in that Range
I done told y'all the shit bang
Cause we make the shit look easy
Now you wanna bite the nigga little style
Cause the cash money up, young Weezy
Dip nigga, stay dipped nigga
Beamed all up for them crip niggas
I told you all niggas I'm a trip nigga
Smoke me a dip and I flip niggas
Hit it for a twist on you bitch niggas
Robin Hood coming for you rich niggas
Get five mics when I spit nigga
BG Bulletwound plus a clip nigga
(Hook) x2

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