Too many people say they love you
When they hate you
Jealous of you wander lost so really
I don’t like the look of it
When you shining don’t be blinded
By the phony smiling faces
That they give, I’m saying
I don’t like the look of it
Instead of getting on your feet
You wanna bring a player down
‘Cause you ain’t doing shit and
I don’t like the look of it
Friends, family and you bitches
If it ain’t about no business
You can miss me with it
I don’t like the look of it (Verse 1)
What happened to that phrase
I don’t hate, I congratulate
Damn, that sounding like a myth I tell you nowadays
Everybody they rap too
Do beats too, they trap too
They on doing them and don’t nobody got your back through
This movement, but once you do it, you the shit
But they won’t go and buy the album all they do is this
Get you that’s when they meet you
But talking shit to their people
Man that nigga sound ok but he ain’t near fucking with me though
That’s the shit that I’m saying can’t nobody shoot a free throw
Without hecking love disrespecting y’all
Get off your pride and ego
And let a nigga that’s doing shit keep doing this
Fall back and get laced up
‘Cause evidently you new to this ,I grew to this
In ever since I been poppin’
These bitches steady been hawking
My family up in my face if they can’t get it free they gon’ copy
My homies counting my pockets I can’t even reach in my wallet
But these people say that they love me
I wish everybody just stop
(Verse 2)
I’m already creased I don’t need a storch
I’m celebrating heavy I don’t a partner
I politic with niggas you ain’t seen in office
Behind them scenes of fiction that you dream of calling
See me balling why you niggas frowning
Know when I put it down and showing I rep the town and
Now you being salty, going that extra mile
Poking your chest around me, doing your best to clown me
‘Cause I’m in the spot that you wish for and you ain’t
When it’s supper time you niggas all tryin dish more but you can’t
Instead I’m trying to hook up when you called up what it could’ve been
And furthermore what should’ve been
I don’t like the look of it
Damn shame that you haters can’t support a hometown favorite
Even dalates is on fake shit but they don’t need tickets to take care of
Real recognize we’re so ripped, you fuck with me then I fuck with you
Trust me then I’m trusting you for support of the nicest jest(Hook)

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