(Verse 1: The Popper)
Talking about that shit that get you high in like 5 secs
See equivalent to that work that you be cooking up in your pirex
I'm dope, I'm dope just like that dig I give to my ex
I get high, I get chores there's no doubt that I be the livest
I support it see my words be the needle
Studio my dope ass before I serve in my people
Like libo, I know now how to hook up with the pure dope lyrics
I ain't out here so they pick us
I put up my money, I bet you I beat you
The fans love my voice see I'm a blessing to the speakers
Y'all know me, I'm OG I'm low key
I'm too hot y'all can't hold me
All I do is rep the show and
Told it uncut, maybe I'm Peruvian
I bet you hear my mouth piece inside some car you cruising in
If I knew that them have 'em listening close
They yelling tell them sleepers that a nigga been dope (Hook)
I been dope
I been dope
I been dope
I been dope(Verse 2: Nesto The Owner)
I'm high, cross my heart hope to die
These 9's will put your ass in the sky like a porcupine
My flow just so dope it's like I'm squirting lines
They try to kill the kid like bitches are waiting in the abortion line
You can try and try, break down my lyrics you won't find a lie
Tell the cops that Nesto's like Lance Armstrong cause he's riding high
Cause I been dope and for your info she's a nympho
Started calling me bimbo, the way I think her act is like the limbo
God damn it wouldn't let this kind of woman out on the penance
For what you think you panic and I probably like your sentence
So take a shit baby where you damage
I'm doper than Mike Jackson and Anna Nicole
Whitney Houston in the bath tub
If dope had legs I be Mary and Jones
Cause I'm doped up, lifting your weight quicker than gold dust
Forget the heat I slice your meat
Peel be thinking it was a cold cut
I'm cold cut they should've known but that's what I told you
We buying bars with the strange money, marshmallow man cause I blow now
They hatin' on me, so what(Hook)[Verse 3: Ron Ron]
Overdose so be comatose when you holding on to this heat
I'm on the rollercoaster with the Holy Ghost
But I poke a hole in your seat
It's been a long road but I'm coast to coast
So I'm still going on feet
Going toe to toe, with girl for hold holding this beat
I lay overages over opius my associates take note
I'm like the pope, cause I'm fucking lil niggas over with no soap
Keep it duffel, full a coach in the cold another some coke
You wanna double up for a boat get a dosage of this dope
I been getting you high, I been sizzling fry
Been a nerd, cooking words, with surge flipping the pot
Nigga let me drop what's the pop what's the radius of a circle
What's in your cup, what's miscellaneous simultaneously purple
I'm a drug, how you hook in the club, still a thug by the book
Are you a book or a slut, where's the love I don't know
At the same spot as you left it, you feel me but just don't touch me
Or I feel disrespected, I'm dope(Hook)(Verse 4: Kutt Calhoun)
Since older temp, Joe Louie, Jimmy D on prospects
It's DV sticks to that filter nigga
Pop a pistol when we call rap
Stripping neck, niggas thinking their jeans is off in that intersection
Smoke park Sunday from 63rd down the knees these niggas have bitches chained
For real we ball with tall dough, maximum wagons and all gold
Rich Don, flag saving the real Shawn had all gold
Moving in going 39, go party house when we all roads
Darkness narcotic we're rich and empowered
We won't wear the false clothes
Since I bought the front backs from the lyrics tortuga
Might claiming the blood in your city close we the factor what's poppin
But nigga I stay mental, we claim central
Deal I sell, take control in my lane and enter this strange vision
I toll around with my fam nigga this cuddy cow go ham nigga
This veneering clique never been set, generic gets down nigga
I been dope since Ray D, Anthony Peeler, KC
Killer city, everything that you start in for is what made me(Hook)

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