Here we go again with the drama
Fucking like fools with my baby mama
Pushing me alone but she wants so I'm a
I'm a turn the table and bring the drama
I'm about to go in on my B.M
I'm about to go in on my B.M
I'm about to go in on my B.M, about to go in
About to go in [Verse 1:]
I should've never drank that liquor
I should've used a condom
But that's my bad
Something I got to live with it
If I had my choice to do it all again
I would've kept it moving
Without even acknowledging your existence
About the deadest beat mama
A child could never have
A coke using alcoholic
You foul with no class
Sitting, waiting on the checks the arrive that you cash
Don't even spend it on my son then wanna turn around and ask me for more money
Trying to get more from me
Bitch I got 7 seven mouths to feed
You think that you the only person with a kid
Trying to pay the bills, how about getting off your lazy ass
To work at a job it's been years
You think that just because you provide a place to live
That's raising them?
Nah that's just rumor in your crib
Your own mama said I need to come and grab it quick
That's a shame when the grandma saying you unfit[Hook][Verse 2:]
My son an honor roll student, football star
Exerting his use
Gotta sit around and listen
To all your verbal abuse
Because your life ain't shit so when you get hurt from the truth
Go and take it out on him cause life ain't working for you
He looking for a job and I'm bout to buy him a car
You ain't never had a job and you live at the local bar
Sleeping with everybody and being the ho you are
When he graduate, he coming straight to me and his step mama
Smack in the face saying you mad
Cause I make payments out to his grandma
Cause she got my son back faded
While you got the courts up in our business about a back payment
Bitch I ain't no Eminem so why you trying to act shady[Hook][Verse 3:]
Another unworthy candidate I never should've hit plus
A mass aching freak I need to cover my dick up
Ain't gotta, don't gotta, can't keep a job
But you won't up the child support and get it modified
Paying every month and piano lessons too
What I do for all my 7 kids most niggas wouldn't even do
For one, why you talking, you think because I'm touring
And I got money out the cooler, bitch, you better get to walking
It's about the QT that we spend when he over
Not about you and me, but you bending me over
Trying to fuck with no grease, I refuse to be Rover
Don't except nothing next, that's what I told her so[Hook]

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